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Im Getting Dummer By The Day

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Have they made it to Israel yet, do ya know? As a second thought, why would the Israelis want a PBY to begin with, and a 6A at that.

If that guy you were having the discussion with on proon has been around and flown everything he says he has, he's gotta be a hundred ferkin years old. PanAm on the 707, TWA on the CV990. He sure has a hard on against AA though. :blink:

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I don't know if they are in Israel yet, because once they launched the last I heard they landed in southern France, It is about three to four days flying depending on how things go.


The Israeli's want it for their museum, one of the Air Force Generals was in North Weald and asked me if I would go back to Israel and train them on the machine once they got it airworthy. So I said sure as long as you let me fly one of the Apaches that were going to escort us from Cyprus into Israel, he laughed and said that would be easy.


So I hope they call me to teach them how to fly it because I'd sell my sister to fly an Apache, especially if I get to fire the guns and rockets, **** I'd even like to fire a nuke just to see what it does. :up:


411A the guy in Pprune has been e-mailing back and forth and he is genuine as I have his real name and address, he finally understands that I was telling the truth.


So in two weeks it's off to Amsterdam and have some fun with one of my old airplanes, I had sex in it ( with a woman. ) on a lake south of Santiago so there is a sentimental touch there. :D


The best part of the Holland thing is we will be doing lots of water work, that is what I like best.


Ive decided to fly until I am to senile to find the airport.


Reverend....................a slightly sinful reverend....

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Have fun Charles !!! :up: :up:


Ahhh the Canso, haven't heard one since Sask stopped bringing them to the MJ airshow.




This one was at an auction in YXD back in the 80's. Went for $100,000, and had low time engines. I'm pretty sure a museum bought it. Not sure which though.






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The bottom one is C-GFFC and belonged to the flying fireman, I flew it for 25 hours the last year I was in the firebombiing business then ferried it from Thunder Bay to Victoria.


It was sold at auction last year in Moses Lake.


I think I leave for Amsterdam on June 15................



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Hi troops:


An update on my latest venture in the world of self employment.


Arrived Holland on June 16 A/C not ready for flying so drove rental car to DiJon France for two days working on annual of B 25 belonging to another customer, also went over planned around the world trip with his Cat. ( I also had a look at the Cat that I refused to fly in England a couple of months ago, it is parked in Bevauis France with an engine problem....but there is far, far more problems surrounding that Cat than an engine problem....... will get back to that subject later. )


Drove to Como Italy and spent two days as a guest of Aero Club Como, also in connection with round the world trip.


Then visited swiss Alps, Germany, Luxomberg and Belgium before returning to Holland.


Airplane is still tied up in paper work and parts needed problems, so they are sending me home for a week to ten days of R&R. ( My wife was with me during the trip so attending to her needs is not the reason to go home. ) :D


I now am really in a difficult position as I have a commitment to fly for an American PBY owner plus several other possible jobs in other locations including a two day movie shoot in Italy.


So where in **** is my retirement going????


Rev C.W.

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