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Im Getting Dummer By The Day

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Chuck, if you're callin' yerself dumb, just how dumb is that pecker in England? :D

He should realize that there are x number of people around that are qualified on the Canso, and you're one of the best.

Sounds like he's got his 'jones between a rock and a hard place. :up:


Edit: Chuck here's a bit of trivia for ya. :)

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Bohica :


Thanks for the comments.


You and everyone else should read my comments on the Northern Lights crash in the AME thread.


We lose to many people because for some reason pilots do not seem to realize that there are limits to what they can do, maybe my thoughts will drive the message home.


**** if I can learn the rules of safety and take financial and emotional losses rather than bend to intimidation and peer pressure so can every one of you out there.


Remember doing the right thing is never something to be ashamed of, not to mention you live longer.




I'm dumb like an old fox............. :up:



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Stupidity seems to feed on it's self in my case.


I just e-mailed my agreement to head on over to Holland and test fly their PBY after they have spent a fortune rebuilding it.


Then I will train at least one of their pilots to a standard that he can check out the rest of their guys.


Also I sent more paper work off to their CAA for approval to train them on my Canadian license. As well I included copies of the documents that the Austrailian CASA gave me to issue type ratings...........I am wondering if they will do a flight check with one of their inspectors or just give me the authority to issue the type rating?


Anyhow this forum is slow so even though I may be boring all you grunts out there we need something to read.



By the way the airplane was my very first waterbomber.


Bob Murdock bought it in 1972 and checked me out on how to waterbomb............I was really lucky I never had to fly as a first officer in a waterbomber because I flew with Murdock at Austin Airways in both the PBY's and the DC3's....I guess he thought I would survive so he gave me the airplane after a couple of weeks beating the sh.t out of fires around Yellowknife. The last time I flew it I took it down to Santiago in the winter of 74/75.


Reverend Chas W.

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I met Moose in Gagnonville in 1970 it must have been. The mining company there was opening a new mine over at Fermont and were extending the railroad the extra 80 miles or so to the new site. They had a few strips along the right of way, and he was there for a week or so hauling fuel and freight with the Canso. I can't remember which company it was. I met him again in Newf in 1975, I guess it was. He was ferrying a Canso over from the Azores, and had lost an engine out over the ocean. Said the last 500 miles were pretty slow. Can't remember the registration, it was one of the Protection Civile machines from France.

His son lived Leigh here for years, worked for Wabush Mines.

Good luck in Holland.

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Moose brought two PBY6A's over from France, I went to Montreal to ferry them to Red Deer, the first one lost an engine right after take off and is the same one that I went over to England to ferry to Israel. I checked the log book and sure enough there was the entry...ten minutes....


One thing for sure Moose could sure fly a PBY.


I don't really know what I am going to do about retiring, seems that every time I say that is enough someone asks me to go somewhere and fly one for them.......


It's like I'm caught in a time warp, I guess I do it because someone has to.


I find it really strange when passing position reports to airliners to relay to ATC for me that we almost always have the same conversation, they wish they were in the PBY and I wish I was in the jet. :mellow:


When do all you guys think I should quit?


Reverend C.W.

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Why quit? Sounds to me like you are still very much a pilot and when should a pilot retire, when he is no longer fit of mind or body. Other than a bit cantancerous at times doesn't seem to me that you have any problems with flying, ha ha.


I know a man who flew until the last day he could physically fly and past away a short time later, people ask why didn't he quit earlier, I know why and so do you and most of us here.


Quit, ha, screw that.


sc :up:

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skullcap, even those of us who just held a ppl and have lost our medicals never quit being pilots... not a day goes by that i don't look up and watch and remember what it was like to actually have the controls in my hands...


it's also why we hang out here... sometimes, talking is as good as being there... B)

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Yeh, Barney, seems like there is no problem finding "Qualified " pilots when people like me are not up to the challenge of having " The righ stuff "


I guess you know there is a rather long discussion going on over on Pprune in the Historical & Nostalgic thread about me not flying that Cat.


I finally rexeived an e-mail from the one guy who was doubting my story and he now is satisfied that my side of it was credible.


Anyhow no one seems to know who exactly is flying it but at least the owner is getting things done the proper way.


This elite crew did a 45 minute test flight directly above North Weald airpors like I was planning on doing.......except seems they had some difficulty reading the airspace restrictions at North Weald and climed to 2500 feet and calmly circled the field without clearance from Stanstead ATC, North Weald has a 1500 foot cap due to the Standstead approach requirements for the jets............and my source tells me they must have been using a handheld by the sound of their transmissions and the fact no one could contact them on either North Weald frequency nor any of the Standstead frequencies. ( The radios were wired wrong when I was taxiing it around and we used a handheld. )


Fortunately there was no problem with the phone lines after they landed and they finally got to talk to Stanstead ATC.


The final straw with me and the owner was the issue of uploading excessive fuel to save the tax back when exiting England (1.18 British pounds per gallon, so it really adds up. )


Anyhow I walked when he informed me I was being paid by him and he would decide how much fuel he put on board.


Even the rabbits all know me in North Weald so naturally I get fed any interesting things that transpire, one of the local rabbits or some other creature e-mailed me the amount of fuel that was up loaded to the airplane from the time I left until the airplane departed North Weald...........the owner saved a lot of money, and the new crew are far, far better than me and my crew because we do not have the needed brain power to even think about flying it at the all up weight it had to have been when they left.


Also judging from my sources I would love to take some ground school from these guys about flying VFR in France, seems we have been to concerned with the airspace structure in France...**** I had no idea that you could just blast right through it.......then again I don't know for sure how they actually navigated, all I have is some chit chat from the guys that fly in France all the time , seems the new crew were not interested in any advice on how to navigate.


I guess they did exactly what I refused to do.....flew to the South of France then down the Med .... one thing about that route, it may be hour after hour over open ocean but at least the airspace is less restrictive....of course its longer, but what the ****......with all that fuel who cares... :up:


Friday I received the approval from the Dutch CAA to teach on my Canadian licenses..........and I will be giving a type rating to one of their CAA guys........Hey, I just thought of something maybe we can grab a Cessna 150 and he can get me qualified to operate one of those complex aircraft and then I can come home and show the approval to those co.ks.ckers at 800 Burrard, maybe that would help???


Sorry, I just couldn't resist.......... :up: :up:


Reverend Chas W.

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