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Logging Flight Time

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So I am a low time pilot trying to build hours. I will get the odd chance to fly left seat on a aircraft with duals installed. However I don't have the type endorsement on my license. I was reading the AIM and CARS on this and I can't log it as per Transport Canada. 1 I am not indorsed on type. 2 the aircraft is single pilot certified. But my question is will employers and insurance companies recognize this as flight time towards the golden standard of 1000hr. Some people have said time in the seat is time in the seat, log it. So would these flights fall under the following "familiarization" flights?



LRA 3.7.3 In-flight Instruction (Dual): Licensed Pilots


(A) The holder of a valid commercial or airline transport pilot licence may give in-flight instruction for familiarization, refresher and instrument flight training, provided the pilot receiving the instruction holds a valid pilot licence endorsed for the type or class of aircraft in the same category as the aircraft used, and the person providing the instrument flight training meets the requirements specified in CAR 425.21(7). This authority does not permit category conversion training, e.g. aeroplane to helicopter, gyroplane to aeroplane, etc.


(B) The flight time acquired under (A) may be credited to the pilot-in-command as pilot-in-command time, and as dual flight time to the pilot receiving the training.


C) Not more than 3 hr of familiarization flight time acquired for any type or class of aircraft may be credited towards the flight time requirements for a higher type of licence.


Low time pilot trying to get hours.

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What you are reading is for the "issue of a Canadian Pilots Licence".



That's right this is more the issue of will employers accept it and insurance. Even government contracts, from what I understand you need 500hr. to fly fires, forestry ect. Who cares if i wait 1100 hours to get ATPL instead of 1000. Who knows if I'll ever bother with a ATPL in my career. But the extra hundred hours may make the differnce for a low-timer to get a job or have a busy summer rather than a slow one.

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