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Hmm, it seems to me unionisation trys to subvert the the natural law of supply and demand-when things are good you are treated good and paid well,when times are bad-not so much.

However if you had a union that was composed of a type A sort of membership,it is probably going to be a different sort of beast.

You actually need two unions,that gives you competion in the marketplace with the advantage of collective bargaining.Union A can compete with union B

However after 22 years in the business,its a youngmans game really,and there are always plenty ready to cut their teeth.

My advice is carry as little debt as possible,keep as much cash on hand if you can,get as broad a skill base as you can,keep your customers and fellow workmates happy,then when you are dealing with employers it puts you in a better position to negotiate

.dont be afraid to use your poker face.

and by the way...I am the highest paid line pilot in the company I work for

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