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Fuel Caps?

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REALLY! AS350 Fuel caps, never had a real problem. Broke a key once, but thats why you should have a spare. A locking cap sure beats the **** out of a fuel cell inspection when some "local" kids decide to steel your long-ranger cap.

Also fuelling is just as tricky as with the "rain collector" cough, I mean range extender, if you position your spout just the right way you will be free from splash.



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Oh come on, there is nothing wrong with hot refueling IF proper training is done. On a busy fuel pad, it is very practical. If it is written in the ops manual then it is usually ok even with giant clients such as Imperiol Oil. It can be done safe and properly.


back to the caps.....they sure are cheaply made, although I think they are only about 35 bucks from eurocpter!


If you are ever in a jam, the cap from a Honda generator fits better than eurocopter's, and it has no stupid key! :blink:

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