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205 Dual Hydraulic Conversion


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The only Black Aircraft I've heard of is in discussion (or lack of) the mysterious Area 51: Out in the desert at a place whose name is never spoken, the future of military aviation technology awaits. And also in reference to the Stealth. (Gosh, I miss The X-Files.) :D


:oops: :off:


There must be a reasonable explanation for no black aircraft. Aesthetically, I think a black helicopter would look sweet. Anyone know?

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Don'tcha know I just couldn't let that "no black a/c" thing go? :) It's been bugging me (and apparently I have NOTHING better to do...)


So I took the liberty of asking a guy here in the U.S. who paints a/c for a living. Here's his reply: "I have never heard of any restriction on painting your aircraft black. As long as your N# is readable, I don't think the FAA or the US government cares one little bit. I have seen many black aircraft over the years, some of them, like the Playboy jet, have been pretty prominent in the media." -Best Regards, Craig Barnett, Scheme Designers, 201-569-7785,http://www.schemedesigners.com


Maybe it was a long time ago, Cap (where the military was concerned), but regs must've changed here over time.


(Incidentally, Craig builds wooden models of YOUR aircraft, complete with YOUR paint scheme, for display case or desktop display. Kind of fun!)



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I rememeber distinctly though, that Hefner had to get a special dispensation to have that a/c painted all black. It too, caught my curiosity and I called an FAA buddy, Bud Hardisty, at their offices in Salt Lake City at the time (that's the location where FAA stores all their confiscated a/c from drug crimes and such) and that's what he advised at THAT TIME. That date would be circa '85 - '86. Guess she changed since then. That info wasn't concerning military a/c either because FAA has no say in anything they do.

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