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The Good List

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Yes , Deep Throat II , the "Good List", doesn't matter what you call it ! It's just a way of rating the Companies. There is no way that anybody has worked for all, so I think it would be nice to have as much information about a company before going and working there?


A "Good List" could be a way of collecting information?

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Okay I guess I'll kick it off starting with a small company, because I believe the last time this topic rolled around here someone complained small companies never make it on these lists


Taiga Helicopters in Whitecourt AB, have had the chance to work with some of these guys over the years, yet never for them, their machines are top notch and so is the Owner. :up:


Also I saw in Helicopters that they are looking for people right now.

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Haven't had the time to read all the posts on the subject of 'black lists' and 'good' lists, but have worked for a few companies since the md-sixties and found all to have their good points, some to have more bad points than others.


Certainly a 'list' that had a large number of authentic 'names' on it might properly influence folks in the areas of hiring or joining, depending on which list we're talking about. If we do need an operator's list, then we surely need a pilot's list. With today's privacy laws, the restrictions on operators protecting each other from some of the lunatics that have been granted flying privileges, it's ludicrously difficult for many people to provide legitimate advice, and the risk of mindless prosecution looms ever larger. Add to that the ambulance-chasing that's available out there, where 'lawyers' can rack up substantial fees on flimsy allegations, with no concern for right or wrong, and you've got a sick, sick situation. Worst of all, it's only going to get worse, so batten your hatches, CYA, and every 'man' for himself.


Oh, yeah! Good companies I've worked for - VIH (in the early days), Klondike, Okanagan (at times), Dominion-Pegasus, Shirley, Delta (the AB version), Great Slave and Yellowhead. Are any perfect? Of course not, but those that are always working for improvement and prepared to listen will always get my kudos.

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Ok, The "good list" its is! As I mentioned in one of my last posts any list has to be set up in such a way so that a degree of fairness exists. If management changes then so should the rating of the company. In order to set up such a list I need the following...


1. A comprehensive list of all operators

2. Polling software

3. An independent DNS address, as complaints are imminent and I don't think CA AVIATION will want the heat.


Every person or participant could have the ability to vote once for every company- It must be understood that in order to vote the person would have been required to have worked there. ( so the honor system to a certain degree is needed) "I heard that the company is good" doesn't count as grounds to vote for that company. The accuracy of the information must be based on personal experiences.


Does anybody have any insight as to the 3 requirements, or any suggestions that may improve the quality of feedback, or specific information request suggestions to be polled.

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'Edge, I'd probably start with industry directories such as 'Helicopters', 'Shephard's Civil Helicopter Handbook' and the 'World Aviation Directory' (unless you can get such a list from TC or the Commission). HAC and ATAC each have helicopter member lists, but I can't speak to their general availability. As to polling software, maybe Kyle can help, and a DNS address can be had pretty easily, I understand (although don't axe me how). Albert Ross probably knows.

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Thanks for the input DW. -


I think we should restrict the list to Canadian operators for now.


Does anybody have any suggestions on what questions should be polled?


EXAMPLE Salary/Benifits Always paid on time Maintenance Vigilance ...........


1. XY Company (checkbox) (checkbox) (check box)


Rating form 1-100. 100 being the best.


A multitude of other questions could be asked to provide a rating, the individual questions per company could also include a scale form 1-10. I think the kiss rule should apply so lets keep the polling question to a maximum of 6.


Any suggestions on some other questions for the poll? What questions would be most important?


If anybody has a current digitzed list of all companies please PM me.

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There are many "yes or no" type questions that could be asked, but I think that regardless of how nice a company's equipment may or may not be, there are more important criteria.


What is the company culture like? (are they great in April with no stress, and terrible in June when it gets busy? Is the compny separated into different levels ie pilots/engineeres, full-time/contract, oldtimer/new? How are low-timers treated?)


The attitude and competince of management are also expremely important. (Are they honest? Do they stand by their word? Are they consistant? Do they adhear to the parts of the ops manual titled "saftey," or is it jsut for show? Are they fair?)


After all, it's the people who make the workplace, not the state of the equipment or how new the hanger is.



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