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Win A 2005 Heli Ops Calendar

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I had to add my silly 2 cents worth after reading some funny post by all you guys and gals.


I love aviation because: "it allows me two luxuries to which I've grown accustomed, 1) eating regularly

2) sleeping indoors


Just kidding, but in reality, its an awesome job to have such awesome responsibilities and to feel the pride in a job well done. I might add that the job being done well, is, for me, in the middle of the night, rain sleet and snow and as I drag my sorry *** back to my bunk in the morning, I know that there isn't another job I would rather be doing. Well except helping un-wed mother's get their start. ( again, just kidding)


We all hate our jobs some days, but over-all, I would bet that those days are far fewer than most folks not in aviation hate theirs.


Can I have my calander now?...lol

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