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Heli Ops,


Best experience would have to be the places the industry takes a pilot. There is nothing like the sunrise in the Mountains, the North or Coastal regions of Western Canada on a cool crisp morning. Heading out not knowing what adventure lies ahead for the day, or the people that may join you in making it another unforgettable experience. And as always returning to share tales of each over a beer. :up:

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P.S. Sticky, what was that about a "shortline bucket"? Are they still making those?

I fly a 212 on RapAttack so no sticks in the left seat (AB forestry policy)...as you can imagine it makes longline bucketing a REAL challenge ;) ... you need either extremely long arms to fly from the left or a giraffe-like neck in the right seat. Shortline is the order of the day and it really makes for a nice, quick, low-level circuit in the flatlands of Northern Alberta so I enjoy it nonetheless... although you sometimes get pretty up close and personal with larger fires... :blink:

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What can be better? Even the absolute worst day in the world flying, is better than the best day in anything else!


27 years in the pilots seat, 6 years (before flying) in the tool box, and it's still the greatest. I've been paid to go places that some people spend a LOT of money to see. B):lol:


And I've been in some places that I hope I never see again... :shock:


But when you get in, and complete that link between the cyclic and collective, there ain't nothing like it. :up: :up: :up:

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The people, sunrises, sunsets, scenery, bugs, camp food, wildlife, smoke, early mornings, post fire parties, .... and lets not forget rock and roll, chicks, glory, and the endlessly considerate and fair-minded banter on this forum.


Oops, almost forgot the absolute best thing about this business; the free calenders from Heli-Ops!

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Well of course I want one!!


I like the part of the ins=dustry where I am, because I get to see the satisfaction in a person when he or she get their first license, I get to see the smile and selfsatisfaction when my student reach a goal like to do their first solo.


And I get the satisfaction of knowing that I brought them part of the way! :up:

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I enjoyed watching Winnie squirm and wiggle in his chair when I had one of his canidates in the classroom and I was pre-breifing them on a commercial ride. :up: :up:


...now that was enjoyable. :up:


how's it going there anyway big dog?

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Nice calendar, is there one out there with more Canadian content though, I'm thinking maybe a bunch of banged up JetRanger's with a hundred different company names on them ( read - Back yard Operators ) waiting to felch any work for cheap. Just curious.

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