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Distance Ed / Online Courses

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Well, in the interest of making the most of my time spent in camps this year, I'd like to take some online courses (when internet access permits).


Do you guys have any recommendations as far as courses/certifications/institutions that would be beneficial in an aviation career?


Such as:



- Accident Investigation

- Aviation business management





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There is a whole raft of modules to choose from, go to the Embry Riddle website, look for the International Online section and look through some of the programs.


I chose to specialise in Human Factors but on the way there are many and varied options.

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So let me ask you this then (as I'm unclear on how the whole undergrad/grad/masters/etc deal works):


I have a BSc from UBC... does that mean I could do a graduate or masters program? Or do you have to do an undergrad with them in that field first?

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I'm assuming you're looking for some education to complement your flying career maybe help you stand above the others. I guess those Emery and Trinity university courses and degrees are ok if you are interested in safety management systems or playing safety officer. Watch out for Trinity University, they will hound you for months if you apply for information. Back in the 90's I took the ICS Aircraft maintenance course by correspondence (Google it). It took me 4 years to complete because I was busy flying at the time. Long story short I have been a licensed engineer for 10 years. if you don't go all the way and get your licence, you can still say you're apprentice engineer. That helps a lot.

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Yeah, I'd like to be able to do more than just help me "stand above the others". I have some safety officer experience already, and would like to have the options of getting involved in different areas of the aviation industry as a fall back/backup for flying. Accident investigation, sms type stuff is interesting to me, but I'm open to options.

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So.....Embry Riddle will accept foreigners into their post-grad programs if your existing qualifications are acceptable.


I had to submit my qualifications to a credential recognition service who then made a judgement on them. I was successful and was accepted onto the program.


The credential recognition costs about $200 IIRC.

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