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Another Accident

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Record #1

Cadors Number: 2011C1608


Reporting Region: Prairie & Northern

Occurrence Information

Occurrence Type: Accident


Occurrence Date: 2011-05-16

Occurrence Time: 1930 Z


Day Or Night: day-time

Fatalities: 0


Injuries: 1

Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYLJ


Aerodrome Name: Meadow Lake

Occurrence Location: 8 NM E of Meadow Lake (CYLJ)

Province: Saskatchewan


Country: CANADA

World Area: North America

Reported By: TSB Winnipeg


AOR Number:

TSB Class Of Investigation: 5


TSB Occurrence No: A11C0076

Aircraft Information

Flight #:

Aircraft Category: Helicopter


Country of Registration: CANADA



Model: AS 350BA

Year Built: 1980


Amateur Built: No

Engine Make: TURBOMECA


Engine Model: ARRIEL 1B

Engine Type: Turbo shaft


Gear Type: Land

Phase of Flight: Cruise


Damage: Substantial




Operator Type: Commercial

Event Information

Collision with terrain

ELT/SAR/comm search

Loss of control - inflight

Propeller/rotor strike

Detail Information

User Name: Ridley, Rod

Date: 2011-05-18

Further Action Required: No

O.P.I.: System Safety

Narrative: The Delta Helicopters Aerospatiale AS350 BA, C-GVXA, was bucketing water in support of fire fighting operations near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. The winds were gusting out the SSE at 20 to 30 knots. The pilot was flying slowly just above tree top level in order to dump a load of water on a fire break area, when the nose of the helicopter suddenly swung to the left. The pilot added power, but the rotation increased. The pilot reduced power and lowered the collective. The helicopter entered the trees and came to rest on its right side with the tail boom separated from the helicopter. The pilot was transported to the Meadow Lake hospital and kept overnight for observation. RCC Trenton received an ELT from the helicopter.

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Some of you need to get off your high horses.


The duke stated a fact...pull power, rotation increases....no brainer there.


what he did elude to was the fact CADORS needed to reference that. Its the same as if CADORS wrote "the pilot increased pitch and the helicopter flew into the air". Thats some basic physics that should be returned to grade 9.


He did not make any suggestion whatsoever to the pilots decisions in pulling power.


So get off his case and quit being such dicks about analysing every comment out of context.

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What the Duke said is actual fact, yes, My comment was not directed to the Duke but just to the fact of info gets passed along on this forum sometimes with a ton of speculation in tow.

Its good to see that Mitten is putting the facts out there.

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