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Cost Of Bell 407 Maintenance


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Lots! LOL


Seriously, the 407 and C47 engine operate on the 300 hour inspection cycle. Depends of course how "thurough" you are on your inspections. When I was with the government and did everything by the book, a 300 hour took considerable time. Other operators do one in a couple of days. Depends on how and where you operate them, maintenance practices, facilities, etc etc. Add a couple of Avionics guys into the mix too....


Let me know how it goes................



How many aircraft line technicians and other maintenance personnel would be required to service a fleet of 75 Bell 407 aircraft, each of which if flown 480 hours/year?

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I would agree with cambox...depends on the type of ops and the people you have...I have flown and worked on 407 for 13 years and I find them a lot less of a hassle to work on than the L model 206...there are fewer inspections on the airframe than an L but the 300 hr is fairly intense but with newer machines this is usually straight forward...if they all come do for a 300 hr at the same time you would have your hands full...engine 150 is not much...300 hr on engine would be little bit more intense....with 3 guys on an aicraft these things can be done in a couple of days....so with 75 machines...480 hrs per machine...If I said I could guess a number on this site I would be setting myself up to be crusified.....and then there is the 5 year inspections...you don't want to know about it..pottsy

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