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TRK Helicopters Heli Ski Accident

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51 minutes ago, RaukDemus said:

Did you read the report?

"The pilot held a commercial pilot licence for helicopters and airplanes, with a multi-engine land and sea rating. He had accumulated over 14 000 total flight hours in various airplanes and helicopter models. His previous flight experience also included the ownership of a flight school, and experience as a helicopter flight instructor."

Doesn't sound like a "low timer building hours" to me.  I would guess with over 14,000 hours he has seen more than just airport landings.


Hmmm! You would think he'd know better then.

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8 hours ago, 1D1 said:

Bro...you're an instructor from the US??  How do you not know the FAA definition of Hover Taxi & Air Taxi??  Seriously...

Keep on practising "flying a rectangular pattern at a proper altitude and reading paper charts"  Good Luck...


Actually I DID know the correct definition of hover taxi and air taxi, but you chose to not read it that way which is cool. (Also it has been 18 years since i instructed in FA land)

And I no longer teach, I fly operationally, and see the disasters that walk around pretending to be professional pilots but don't know a single bit of airmanship, or have the skills to fly and land at a specific point, using proper procedures and calls.


The 14.000 hour pilot was hotdogging, being relatively new in the machine perhaps he would have benefited from reading the manual more, as it  is mentioned in there too, including the proper recovery. this is something that should be taught in the basic type rating training...


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