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How much water can a Jetranger carry?

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Sorry guys, been researching online and it was giving me a headache, been almost 30 years since I bucketed with a 206.  Writing novel number two and yes, there's some Jetranger bucketing in chapter 3....

Would appreciate Jetranger 206B;


Max Gross?

Max on the hook?

Standard Bambi gallons?

Range for going heavy too would be good....the pilot pushes in the story....

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About 1/3 done, here's a rough first draft of the prologue:

Northern Quebec 

Autumn 2005

“Six dead. Went down in the trees coming off some mountain side in Columbia,” said Matt. 

“What were they doing?” asked another. Bored and sullen, the pilots lounge while the fog thickens in the morning sun. Faces glow blue and dead in the refracted glare of their phones. The trailer’s incandescent bulbs reveal water stains, spider nests and indifference to a trailer whose time had passed. Matt drops the paper on the table, pushes a fist into the small of his back and arches with a grunt, then shuffles across worn linoleum squares towards the window. His boots catch the raised corners of the remaining tiles and he punts the debris. His untied boots grate in the trodden sand. Despite the cold, the funk of mold permeates each breath, punctuated with the stench of stale cigarettes and body odour. 

“Who the f### knows?” said an engineer. “But sounds like a mechanical. I spoke with a buddy down there this morning. They suspect transmission failure.”

Someone whistled. Heat flares in Jed’s ears and spreads to his face. He wonders if the others notice his blush and flushes hotter. He turns away and makes for the coffee pot.

“Good ole Kilo Papa. You must have put a few hundred hours on that helo yourself Jed,” said Matt as he stares through the grime of the window at the indistinct shapes of the outside world, adrift in the fog. It’ll be some time before it lifts.

“Are you sure it was Kilo Papa? That’s not the registration on the news clip,” said another.

“Yeah, they reregistered it Columbian. I saw some of the paperwork. It was our old Kilo Papa. You had it on that drill contract just before we sold it, didn’t you Jed?” said the engineer.

“Wasn’t Jacque flying on that Columbian gig?” interrupts another pilot.

Jed looks up from his coffee. The heat swells in his face. His presence wavers. He drifts into a swirling void and grabs at the world again through the counter before him. He steadies himself with his hand on the worn and cracked linoleum as discretely as he’s able. He holds himself firmly and waits to reconnect. The earth flows from the counter into his hand, up his arm, and down through his body until his feet are firmly planted in the here and now once again, yet his bowels still float.

“They sure were happy with you kid. Said they didn’t want anyone else. Said only you got the job done. Kept bragging you’d take loads no one else would,” said Matt to the window. “F###. I hope Jacques wasn’t involved.”

He turns away from the window. The man watches Jed now. Other’s eyes avoid the pair.

“Be something if it was that transmission, wouldn’t it?”

Jed takes his coffee and stumbles out into the murk.

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1 hour ago, Bladestrike said:


Sea level is fine.

If memory serves me correctly the bucket is 90 Imp. Gal. so 900 lbs, the weight of the bucket is 65 lbs.. The total weight would be 965 so unless perfect conditions it would not dead lift it, although I know a few guys that could pick it up no problem....."torque limits are only a suggestion." So without pulling the guts to of the poor thing, lets go with cinched to 80% which is 72 gallons, 720 lbs +65 (bucket) = 785 plus a 15 lb longline = 800 lbs. approx.

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I could give you the numbers on the 407...just did a wack of bucketing last week in Manitoba on a 20,000 ha fire! I would have loved to take some pics at the time but I had my door off and didn't want to drop my phone....HAH!

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Lucky Bugger.  I miss flying.  I'm writing operation manuals and training programs for a foreign government, with the odd demo flight for the CAA.  Mostly meetings with the quality department and the sole CAA inspector (plus deep sea fishing and days at the beach), but I do get plenty of playing in the sim.  Moving towards flying SAR and bucketing with a 139....can't wait!

Thanks but I'm good with those 206 numbers.  Lost a favourite hat bucketing without doors in the 80s.....

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