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Carson Blades For S-61

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I think if there's something positive to say about Carson it's that they manufacture these blades primarily for use on their own fleet, which mainly does logging and firefighting. If they weren't cost effective, I doubt they'd continue.


Btw, the new blades are "on condition" except for the cuffs, that must be inspected/overhauled every 10k hours. No BIM either. The bonding between the stainless leading edge and the composite is absolutely flawless. These blades weigh almost 300lbs each...

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Skidz: I must have missed something, do you have a job????


Carson is in the same category as the Wright Brothers are to fixed wing, they have an excellent reputation and I would take anything they say to the bank.


Cheers, Don


Kinda, sorta... I'm working as a hangar rat on a day to day basis in Langley. I'm averaging about 4 hrs a day so far, but I hang around anyway. There's a real who's who of people from the industry in and out of that hangar every day...

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Told not to comment??? By your managment? By Carson? That is the the strangest thing I have ever heard, for what reason would anyone not want to share that info? Is it because it makes the 92 look bad? Now all you will get is a whole lot of speculation. A real pity.

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Well, I haven't been sworn to secrecy... We installed a set of Carsons on a Shortsky last week. It took a little while to track them, but once it was done, she was "smooth as an airliner" according to the two captains. The sound these blades make is pretty cool too: Like a cat purring loudly... :up:


The two captains who'll be flying her on fires sob also noted an almost complete absence of vibration when dropping out of translation. There aren't many aircraft this impressive in Langley and she drew quite a crowd yesterday afternoon upon final departure... :)

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