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BC Fires

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I'm taking a trip to Port Hardy next week (from Calgary) and have been watching the fires pretty closely.  Are most of the helicopters fighting †here fires on 126.7?  I'm betting they are communicating amongst themselves on another frequency, but I thought I would check what would be the most applicable frequency to monitor when getting nearer to the fires.  Obviously we are not going to encroach the work areas, and we'll be checking notams etc.  Thanks, and good luck on those fires.  

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On 7/29/2021 at 1:40 PM, bluethunder said:

Awesome Big Sky.  Got it loaded to my Foreflight.  Question, does it automatically update the fires once downloaded or do you kind of download the latest the day you are traveling?  Thanks

The link updates every 2 hrs I think? But you need to manually upload the most current version to Foreflight. It's doesn't auto update like the other documents. 

MFLNRO has a variety of air-to-air frequencies they employ on fires, but most aircraft should also be monitoring 126.7 or the local mf if applicable. You shouldn't need to communicate with any fire aircraft and if you do, you're probably already too close or inside a NOTAM area..

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On 7/29/2021 at 11:07 AM, BigSkyHeli said:

If you use fore-flight you might find this helpful as you can add it as an overlay on your map.

Enjoy your trip. 



Awesome link. Thank you. Can you post a link to the website on where you found this link (just in case it changes over time) ... 


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