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Any Advice?

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Well, I have been well aware of this for years, how tough it is to get a flying job. If one is so fortunate to get that first great opportunity, it will more than likeley peel them away from there signigicant other months on end. Well, I have been thinking about being a pilot for the past 2 years or so. Everytime I read about the " kiss your girlfriend goodbye " I tend to shy from the of being a pilot. The career and the machines just keep me so facsinated that I wish ( * YES and I say wish * ) one low timer could land a jbo where he was not pulled apart from his loved ones months on end. Yes, I know, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Understandable. What I want to ask all you fine pilots out there, is any advice on a career that would put my in the industry and as well as being with my family. Obviously being a pilot is not going to be so kind on me for the first few years. Is there anything else I can shoot for to at least be a part of the aviation industry that is more family oriented? Just need to get it all figured out before my brain explodes. :P Anyways, maybe im barking up the wrong tree, but any advice negative or postive would be much appreciated. Possibly even stories about how you yourself got into it.


Thanks. :up:

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Well Poopaloops,


You sound like a candidate for Her Royal Highness's Canadian Forces. You will average more time at home working for the military but by no means will you be there all the time.


By the way, being away from home kind of goes along with being in the transportation business.

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I don't want to be mean or anything, but you keep asking basically the same question in a bunch of different ways. You give me the impression you're looking for someone to convince you that you'll get work in this industry if you dive in. As has been said before: It's a gamble. You may spend 50k getting a pilot's license or spend three years in school gettaing an AME ticket, but there is no guarantee you'll make it. The majority don't. Probably less than a quarter of those who get their commercial helicopter pilot's license ever make a career of it.


Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question: " Am I ready to take this risk with no guarantees of success." If you're not sure, not absolutely certain that it's worth risking it all (money, stability, relationships), then don't do it. Period.


The only place you're likely to see it sugarcoated is at the less reputable schools. As far as base jobs that are easy to get and guarantee you'll be close to home and sleep in the same bed as your girl every night; if those jobs existed, they'd all be taken by low-timers like Ryan, Jesse 'n' me while we wait our chance to get in the game... :D:D:D

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