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1st Solo!

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As some of you may know, I'm currently doing my PPL/FW in a 172, my instructor only comes up to my area once a month for a few days, So of course I book 1-2 flights a day while they are here. We've been doing circuits at YZT the past few days just working on my landing and flares, well todays morning flight was good then in my afternoon flight we flew up and talked to hardy radio and winds were favoring 34 and it was also the active, having already flew on 34 yesterday and found it really messed with me (couple hundered feet of displaced threshold before the numbers) I chose to take 29 as I've had good luck with that runway, so we done 4 or 5 touch and go's on 29 and started getting consistent landing's and flares, That being said on my last roll out the instructor said "I have control, i will taxi us to the apron and get out and go up into the tower and give me 1 take off and landing then come back to pick me up, if you have any questions I will be on the radio so just talk to the tower" and asked me if I was ready for it, with a VERY BIG SMILE :D I said Yes, and then explained what would be different (lighter a/c etc.) then my instructor got out and went to the tower and I started my check lists and started up, and called up tower and told them I would be going onto taxiway Bravo and backtracking 07/29 for a 29 departure, As the apron is on the 07 side of the airport, I had to taxi down the entire runway and turn at the end so I can take off on 29, when I was taxiing down that runway the full weight of what I was doing finally hit me!! I'm doing this on my own all by myself!!! It felt great! :D :D , turned into postion, called tower when I was rolling, Very early t/o and crosswind leg and I was in heaven when I realized what I was doing on downwind leg (That I'm doing this alone!! :up: , of course once I was in the air I went into my "air" mode and started doing all my checks and calls, etc. turned onto base and final, made a good landing on 29 and taxiied down what seemed most of the runway (:P) so I can take taxiway Bravo back to the apron, taxied the plane into parking and done my shut down checks and shutdown and as soon as I open the door there my instructor is "STOP! Dont get out I have to get a picture" :D:D:D:D so we done the customary pictures, then got back in and head back to "home" airport (CAT5) :up: and thus ends my 1st solo and a great day!!


Happy landings,


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Good stuff, Matt! Congrats!


Reading your post, brought back the memory of my first solo, however you would never imagine what happened on mine. You know that sleeping disorder some people have? Where they just conk out? Well it, was not me that was sleeping, let's just say that!

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There's two? S.D were the intials.


He told me as we were taxiing out what he wanted to see for the landings. No flaps for first, full flaps second, and whatever I wanted third. Took off and on downwind I asked him how that was... well, no response, looked over and he was out like a light! I was good though, smooth touch downs, never woke him up ;) Had to elbow him on our taxi back in though, so I could get him out 'cause I wanted to go solo!


Kyle.... a narcaloptic flight instructor in Southern Ont... any chance it was Ed P. ?
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