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newbie questions...

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According to the CARS you need 250 hours PIC in HELICOPTERS to become a helicopter instructor, but that is a hard road though! Low pay and hard work (HAHAHA) like everywhere else, plus you actually have to know what you are talking about most of the time!
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Firehawk, I saw you commented on the time necessary to get the instructor rating. But, I was wondering about after one begs, borrows or steals time to get enough in the books to start a rating, does anyone think it benificial to the career to invest in one?



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I think it is benefical to get a instructors rating.

There seems to be a few oppions out there about weather a low time pilot with around 300 or 400 hrs should be teaching other low time pilots how to fly. I think it just depends if that is your niche and you like doing it and are good at it. I have a good buddy that started

intructing at 300 hrs and he is still doing it and loves it. He also went into the bush scene for abit,

he then went back to instructing. Like I said he loves it and the lifestyle.

It is his niche that he found. I think he is one of the best intsructors out there. Instructors are teaching you the basics how to fly a helicopter after

all. Maybe someone else can shed some more light on the subject for you. After all it is better to get more then one Oppion.

Talk to the schools about the instructor postions. I beleive there is a shortage of them.

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Thank you Firehawk, for some kind words!


It's not easy to start out as an instructor here in Canada, and it seems that almost everybody sees one as a unexperienced 'knowitall' with no skill or capabilities. I started out instructing in the States, and came here, because nobody in Canada wanted the job! Now I'm trying to get into the real world of aviation (don't get me wrong, I still enjoy instructing) but now the thing is, I don't have any experience! So here I am, a 1000 hour pilot, with no turbine time, and therefore I am almost unemployable, because nobody needs a 1000 hour wonder, with no bush experience. I was told that I'd pretty much have to start at dispatch, for at least a year from one company, and that is not why I got my hours for.

So, I Agree that the instructor rating is a good idea, I know a lot that I would not have known if I hadn't gone this way, but I also feel right now, that maybe coming here was a minor mistake, because I can't get no proper work out there!


Sorry for the rant

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