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See Ya Later Guys - I''m Outta Here

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For the record.... I did ask Neville to refrain from posting links to his site. There is obvious reasons for this and we want to make sure this does not become a free-for-all posting links. That's it, nothing more.


I also requested that he change his username of which - after he replied, I told him it was fine to carry on with Heli-Ops as his username just leave his links out. I think this is fair but now I read all of this.


It states right in the forum registration terms of use that advertising is not allowed. We have to determine what is allowed and what is not - and I think this request I made is fair - since it was agreed to when Neville registered - along with all of the other members. I apologize, but we do have to protect our interests in running this site. I don't think site protection has gone overboard at all, Neville. For everyone that has ever visited this site and others from my past, there is a certain calibre of discussion and a very respectful one I might add, that does not warrant spontaneous advertising.


Sorry to see you go. I wish you would have responded to my latest email - the one in which you inquired from initially.




PS - for Elvis and #### - I never once publicly named where I would be after I left CanadianAviation.com, especially at CanadianAviation.com.

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For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents.


None of us are paying for the website; it’s free to all of us. However, there comes a point when you have to put your foot down and start asking people/companies that may appear to be advertising to actually start paying for advertising on a site that you own and pay for out of your own pocket.


It’s the advertisers that will support you – developing a web site like CA Aviation is not a cheap venture. I’m sure if Neville is willing to pay for advertising, Kyle wouldn’t have a problem with him using Heli-ops as a handle (sorry if I may be wrong here Kyle).


I think it’s too bad that Neville will leave the forum, but knowing Neville (correct me if I’m wrong here Neville), I think it’s more out of spite. It’s his choice; I don’t think Kyle asked him to leave.


I don’t think it’s fair to jump on Kyle who is trying to offer a FREE venue to us all, and at the same time earn himself a respectable living.


I’m sure someone is going to mention that I use Vertical Mag as my handle, but I pay for advertising on this site. There’s no reason why two helicopter magazines can’t advertise on the same site - Neville and I are advertising our respective magazines on two other helicopter sites as well.


Kyle, Neville and myself are all doing what we do for the same reasons, because we each have a genuine interests in the aviation industry, but there comes a time that you have to be able to make a living at doing this. I don’t offer companies to advertise in Vertical for free, nor does Neville in Heli-Ops, and I don’t think Kyle should either even if it is something as simple as using the title of your magazine as your handle.


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Guest Bullet Remington

Well slap me with an ugly stick until I start lookin good!! Naw that won''t work, nobody''s got that amount of time to spare.


I go outa town for a month and things go to H@ll in a hand basket.


Neville, hate to see ya go. I, as well as a heck of a bunch of people have gotten alot of laughs and even more info from ya than you''d imagine. (as well the fantastic calendars were nice!)


I have no requirement to take sides and whatever one choses to do so be it.


Your choice to leave is yours. I would prefer it NOT be this way. Having stated that, I wish you well and shall stay in touch. I encourage you to do so as well.


Whatever your final decision, I wish all parties success.

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Ned come back.


Valid points on both sides of what doesn''t need to be an issue.


As one additional point: Be it primarily intended for leisure or not, the visiting of any site on the web increases the readership count ("hits") that site can boast of attracting. This in turn boosts advertising rates for that site. Our time as readers is always worth something so we are far from freeloading.


I look fwd to both side coming together to benefit each other and the rest of us too.



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Kyle and Mike


Everything''s perspective, isn''t it?


While I fully understand the protective necessities any business perceives, I wonder in this case if the benefits to be derived from allowing the ''offending'' party to carry on aren''t more than the potential perceived losses, i.e. ''transgression'' aside, aren''t the greater readership likely to attend the contributions made by the ''offender'' and their push on advertising revenue of more benefit than any perceived loss due to his ''advertising'' here?


Then, again, since you guys all have sites, wouldn''t some sort of collaboration affording mutual presence on all sites serve EVERYONE best?

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I will state again, I contacted Neville after he emailed me and told him it was fine to carry on with his username. As I told him, the username isssue was open. So I do not really see what the problem is.


This is whole issue is based on posting links within the forums. It is up to us to decide what is advertising and we felt the constant posting of links and references to his sites was enough. I thank Mike for his support however the issue is even simpler then what he stated. We do not allow links in the forums, especially in the manner that Neville posts them. This is a form of advertising and we have avenues for that already.


If everything is perspective, then I am not sure what the problem is. Neville agreed with me when he emailed about the removal of the link from his post and I agreed with him leaving his username as is. So just what is the issue?

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