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Hope, Bc Crash


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i should have elaborated abit more.


i agree it is a loss and another black eye to the industry but the scumbags poisoning our youth, the future of our country, deserve what they got comin, whether it be death in a helicopter crash or gettin a bullet to the head in a drug deal gone bad.


i know it's a very simplistic view but it is what it is. they are two distinct issues but with one common denominator.

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Identity of victims in helicopter crash baffling officials

Extensive forensic work required to determine IDs of pair


Wednesday, September 28, 2005


RCMP still don't have a clue about the identity of two people killed during a fiery crash of a helicopter near Hope............


....Police said the fact that a helicopter was flying in a remote area at night is suggestive of illicit activity...



The Province

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TC has been too busy keeping us dangerous operators safe to worry about general aviation...after all how dangerous could GA be anyway? Ops manuals, PPC's, PCC's, TDG, TC audits, internal audits, MCM's, MPM's, SMS etc. are there to keep us and the flying public so safe, how could we possibly have an accident. Oh yeah, and now we get to have accountable executives too! Yipee, we're so safe I'm almost giddee :punk: GA...60 hours gets you a PHL and you pretty much never have to see TC again. Maybe TC should look statistically at equivalent accident/incident levels per hour flown and forget about us evil commercial types and look around. :o

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Apparently, the two bodies were identified yesterday, that of a 55 and 41 year old males from Abbotsford....the families do not want the names released. The aircraft (206) was being leased from Eagle Copters of Calgary, as quoted from the Province newspaper.... <_<

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....One saving grace, however, was that the chopper missed crashing into a family's mobile home by only a few metres. Traumatized family members, including a four-year-old child, witnessed the horrific scene just outside their bedroom windows....


...RCMP say the helicopter was owned by Eagle Copters of Calgary....



News Article


The tail rotor of a crashed helicopter can be seen sticking out of a van at a Hope property.



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