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AS330 Tail Rotor Malfunction

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Check out this Cougar that had some sort of tail rotor failure



Not nice at all. It's actually a S-330 and not a cougar(s-332). You will also note the smoke at the end. Tell-tale signs of a fire starting due to fuel leaking out of the overflow vents. This is/was a seroius problem with the 330 and was fixed in the 332 with a new design. Ask RDM :D if interested. I hear he is getting good at the groundschool program for the 332 :up:

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Your right not funny at all.. But more important I think the title of the thread should be changed. It scared the **** out of me when I logged on this morning and thought one of our brothers or sisters on the East coast may have had a serious problem with one of thier trusty steeds.


Fly safe all and have a great day..........Mini

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Does anyone know the level of injuries? I can't quite tell if the dude running made it or not... I watched it over and over... why the pilot didn't get the throttles off immediately is a mystery to me... he must have panicked or had inadequate training.

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This clip has been on PPrune now for a week or more, very scary indeed. :blink:


There are a few things that went wrong here,


....the Puma, no matter what model has a limit of 12 degrees nose before the stinger and or tailskid make contact, if you look at the clip in frame by frame mode you will notice that the stinger has been sheared off, I do not believe that he hit hard enough to shear the t/r driveshaft.


....run on landings should not be conducted to soft ground, for those interested check out the Merlin clip on PPrune were the dude does a "endow" with his 36000lbs ride.


....if you look at this clip closely you will notice that the NFP or FO has his arm out the window, playing it very cool, this would not be beneficial when the FP or skipper makes he CUT CUT CUT call.


.... and I know we should not speculate, but for the heck of it I will, what kinda of training did they recieve in T/R drive shaft failures, I just finished a session in the box with a group of intials, and one thing they did comment on was the TR failures and how fast things went for a big giant Sh!tball in a very short period of time.


just my thoughts.........






Changed the title.......hope there are no objections?!

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I didn't notice the FO's arm out the window until you mentioned it RDM. I'm sure once it started spinning it would be awfully hard to find the throttles as you were being bounced around.


I don't think the training in some militaries is the same kind of stuff we do in the commercial world. A guy relieved me once down in the States and I did his recurrent training there. A pilot who was flying a 206 at the local USFS base was watching and asked me what all the "spinning right and landing" stuff was. When I told him it was simulating a complete lack of thrust from the tailrotor, he asked me, almost unbelievingly, "do you actually roll to idle?". I was perplexed and asked him how he would handle a T/R failure and he almost shrugged. Then he told me he didn't have that much time on type but he had over 2000 hours in a Super Sea Stallion...




I would have thought that the military would have access to simulators that every conceivable scenario could be plugged into, but I really don't know how they do their training as I have never been exposed to it.

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Thanx for changing the Thread Title :up: :up:


Good Day All........Mini

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Hello H.V.


Where were ya with the throttls and the brakes on the shoping cart. Ya know ya wont get your 25 cents back from the Safeway Man. The cart will need a total rebuild from salt water imerrision,and a check out for possibly being over gross.HOWEVER, Fisheries will thank you for increasing the crab habitat...


Have a Great day Mini.......... :shock:

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