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"found" Helicopter

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my only objection to going and getting it is the drug dealer hiding in the bushes with a smith & wesson 38 ( well they are canadian) so lets say Daisy air rifle.


Havent heard anything further.


Cole B)



I chatted to one of the senior instructors in Penticton last night. He hadn't heard of it but says that the RCMP are aware of all the privately owned machines in the valley and suspect what most of them are up to.


$100,000 per load, it wouldn't take long to pay for a fleet.


US Border folks shoot first and ask later.



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Black helicopter, a conspiracy theorists dream.


Maybe the northern border patrol is on a tighter budget. I had a black and gold Blackhawk follow me into West Palm Beach a few years ago (Homeland security/Customs/DEA). Looked much like this one...



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Expect to see or hear about Cobras on the can/US border soon. That request was made and granted some 4 mopnths ago and also a large increase in Border Patrol agents for the western areas from Idaho to the Pacific. Part of the "intro" to that was a news flash on the old Canadian Aviation site and I guess you all missed that one. I followed it up and "yupper"........theys a coming boys....sometime soon.

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