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Canadian Vfr Helicopter Industry

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Helidude ------ try this:





If you got a problem there, let me know and if you got a fax, PM me the number and I'll get it to you......and it's 13 pages long.......AND not a "definite maybe" either, but will be in force as of February 16, 2006. Care to make a bet how long it will be before MoT comes forth with a carbon-copy of the same AD?

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He nun no count so good anyhowses!

The 407 at least has a FADEC system and a Type Cert from the mid 90's!

I hope the additions of AB 139, EC 130/135/145, S92, 429 generate some interest in new techno and spur operators to go out and buy some new machines.

I guess intergrating a color moving map GPS's into a 206 is a small step in the right direction! Very small..................

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Helidude ---------IF you have a problem with that website address try this one also:







Blackmac -------not really, unless Outer Mongolia issues them :lol: . I consider anything coming from FAA to be only awaiting a date-stamp from MoT.......and that's not meant in a sarcastic-sense either.

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???? there's 34 - 407's registered in Canada now, You have a LOT of fingers and toes :D


Ok, ours put together.... ;-)


My point is, there aren't many as there probably, in my almost completely uninformed opinion, should be.


I would like to see far more of the newer types, and hopefully MD get their act together and we see some of the newer modles from them. For now, I love my Astar...



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The age of an aircraft has nothing to do with its usefulness. As stated previously, what else is out there to economically replace the Bell mediums? There are mediums out there with well over 20,000 hrs and if properly maintained airworthiness/serviceability is not any more of an issue than a ship less than half its age. In fact I'd put our high timers against some operators lower time a/c any day. Even if an airframe refurbish/overhaul costs $500,000.00, you come out with a ship that will do nothing but produce revenue for sometime to come. It's a **** of a lot cheaper than spending at least three times that to purchase what could very well be a pig in a poke and having it eat your lunch trying to keep it serviceable. Cheers

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