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Guest Bullet Remington



The "Bandits" are planks! AWD are issued by the country Civil Aviation Authority in which the aircraft is manufactured. I.E. The FAA issues Cessna, Boeing AWDs. Japan issues MU2 AWD's,. Canada issues Bomardier and Beaver AWD's, etc.


In several instances, Canada will take an AWD from the originating country, reword it to suit the situation here in Canada, and re-issue the AWD with a Canadian AWD number.


In this particular instance, the Brazilian CAA issued an AWD limiting the Banderantie flight into known icing. The Brazilian AWD was forwarded to TC Regional office in Winterpeg. Transport frowarded the AWD to me. In that the AWD dictated an amendment to the Flight Manual, I forwarded the AWD to the Chief Pilot and the Ops manager. I figured that was their responsibility. Transport came in to do an audit aproximately two days AFTER the required compliance date, and asked me if it was incorporated. I passed them off the the Chief Driver and the Ops Manager, who in turn sent them back to me. On the way between the offices they grounded the planks. They advised me that the responsibility for AWD compliance (honest to God this is what they said) was that of an AME, pilots didn't know enough about them to ensure their compliance!


My reaction was to call up Avweb and down load the FAA AWD which had included the correct phrasing for the amendment to the flight manual. In fact, the FAA AWD stated that inclusion of their AWD (FAA) was an acceptable method of showing compliance. I inserted the FAA copies into the flight manual, and signed off the Brazilian AWD as being complied with under the FAA AWD. By the way, the FAA AWD incorporated by way of reference, the Brazilian AWD.


10 minutes later, the planks were good to go! In this instance TC did not issue any warning nor fines. TC got a knot in their face, because the company did NOT have a subscription serve for the Brazilian AWDs. So I argued that despite my trying for over 6 months, I was unable to obtain a subscription, thusly I relied on TC to provide me with the applicable AWDs, and in a more expedient manner. They were reluctant, but they gave me a freebie!


Brazil does indeed have a very active aircraft manufacturing industry. Their commuter line of aircraft is a direct contender to Bombardier. Both turbo-props and jet aircarft.There have been many heated marketing actions by one or the other companies against the other. As a matter of fact Air Canada (Ace Aviation Holdings) has recently purchased a number of the Brazlian aircraft to replace some of their higher time Bombardier Regional Jets!


Quite frankly, while I am extremely pro Canadian, it is my opinion that the Brazilian aircraft are much tougher and better built that the Bombardier. Others may feel free to differ.


Hope this clears up your curiosity, RTR.




I understand what your are basing your position on, and I don't necessarily disagree nor agree with you. I have no disagreement with your statement that the pilot is the finally authority as to whether he/she is going to fly the machine.


My question was with your statement of who has the authority to "ground" the aircraft.


And again, while I understand your intepration of the CARS, i don't see the same thing there that you do. And as a matter of fact, neither does my PMI. And that in its self is not usual. Different set iof eyes will see different things.


In this instance I have to disagree with your statement that only the PRM and/or the pilot can ground a machine. I am not inferring you are incorrect, its just that I see nothing in your presentation of CARs, nor through researching them myself, that agrees with your statement.


But I could be wrong. I have buggered a few of the CARs paragraphs all to heck and back!


Again, feel free to differ. I can certainly stand to learn a few more things! :blink:

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Thanks Bullet.


I'm pretty versed in the requirements for carrying out AWD's from foreign AW authorities. Was having a small brain fart over Brazils manufacturing status.


Guess it's been a while since I dealt with Planks. Sometimes I need to search all my brain cells for the answer before I start typing! LOL


There are days I have to take me pants off to count to 21!




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Guest Bullet Remington

Ah comon, Don! Don't do that!! :rolleyes:


Do you know how hard it is for me NOT to make a comment with RTR, bushcamp, tent and tent ***** in it?? :wacko:


Man you make it hard for a fella to walk away from these great opening!! :up: :up:


There are days I have to take me pants off to count to 21!







I have to confess, you have an advantage over me! With my hands in my pockets I have difficluty getting pass six! I just get too distracted!! :shock:


And its just too much work to get into and outa my pants. Unless of course it has something to do with teddy Bears and Brazilian ladies living in Colorado!!! :up: :up:

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