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S76 in Muskoka?

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The reason behind it that was given on the news was rather than base the helicopter in Muskoka for the summer(silly tourist season)full time the helicopter would leave TO in early in the morning and return to TO at night.


The reasoning behind it was most requirements would be during daylight hours as that is when most accident happen.


P.S. don''t crap on the messenger,I am only repeating what I heard on the news.




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Thanks Elvis,

So it is true. It makes sense to me. They are up here daily picking up silly tourists anyway. Mag is right about the ''after nightfall'' thing. Only trouble to get in is with ''yer willy. (too many scantily clad young girls)


407, Maybe the weather will be bad one day? It could happen! They are well equipped aircraft, but I get your point. Maybe 407 instead of a 76?

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Hey, don't mind me, I wouldn't know where Muskoka, Moosonee, or Malton is in Ontario, nor where the "silly Tourist" problems are, or what time of day that may happen. Now that you explain it, makes sense?

No need to use a 407 on that job, too small, too slow, can't possibly compete with a 76, even an A model 9.gifNow ...competing with a BK out here in the rockpile...that's a whole new story9.gif

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No truth to what you heard. CHL EMS is contracted by the Ministry of Health in Ontario to provide 2 dedicated helicopters 24/7 at the Toronto base with a dedicated back-up aircraft at that base. If one of the aircraft is going to sit in Muskoka, it will be at the direction of the MOH not CHL. The Govt of ONT calls, and RB and sons jump: as was once pointed out to me: If the Premier wanted the use of a -76 for a Mile High Flight, then it would be provided because in Ontario with this very lucrative contract: THE CUSTOMER RULES.


I have heard nothing from inside the walls about such a "summertime escapade".



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