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Formation Flying...

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The 159th should have about 131 a/c, so those shown would only a small part of the Brigade.


I counted 10 UH-60s and 19 CH-47s. The 60s are ~$2800/hour and the 47s are ~$6800 (according to an army document I found online). So that little exercise is costing the US taxpayers just over $150,000/hour.


Good thing they have such a large tax base!

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xrkyle ---------that Brigrade would be made-up of Lights, Mediums and Heavy Lifts and you are only counting part of the Heavy Lifts. Cost per hour? Don't waste your time "going there". Once upon a time I served in that military and the artillery would pound away all day many times, with very few intermissions. The cost for EACH shell fired..........$650 every time the trigger was pulled. So don't even think about going near a battlefield with an Accountant.....with us or the Americans because money means absolutely nothing in such an enviroment.

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HOOO F***ING RAAHH! That got my blood absolutley pumping!! The icing on the cakewould've been a formation of Apaches or Cobras takin' up the rear :punk: :up: :punk: :up:

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