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"bbrrbb" Association...

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:blur: For an organization with goals like this I expect a stampede of interest. Please send all available info. I'll start practising the secret handshake in the mirror with my NSH (non-scotch hand). :prop:

Would this group be a venue to tell war stories or create them? :unsure:

Would brewery sponsorship negate amatuer status? :unsure:

What would the association stand be on non-Bell attendees? :D

I understand "Beer and Ribs" but is "Rock" a food group?

etc. etc. etc.


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B) RDM- Talk about one cool dude. He travelled across our country being waited on hand and foot, all his desires fulfilled like a touring rock star and still remains humble. If our new organization needs a "posterboy" I would nominate him. I've seen him in a Bell, on a bike, with a beer, cooking ribs, drinking scotch, and even if he doesn't have breasts CTD "Rocks". He flys. he cooks, he speaks well and will never be accused of having "helmut head".


:afro: :oops: :prop: :rolleyes:

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We can have a meeting at my place in YOW next year during the HAC convention. I'll get the smoker and BBQ going, and install the card swipe system on the scotch bar so the wee ones (RDM) can't get in trouble. Actually, I'll just put them on the top shelf - that should solve it.

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