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**** these slow computers! :huh:


Well, I'm going for the dreaded interview on the 3rd and 4th of Dec. Will get to fly the SK61 'humiliator' as RDM so deftly put it. Then we'll know wether I get it or not...


CHC Helikopter Service is a good company, and I'd love to work for them, but that I guess is for them to decide (if I will that is!)By the way, how are things on the rock, Mr moderator man (RDM)?


See ya all soon

Winnie :up:

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Things same as always, wind, rain, drizzle, fog, freezing rain and more wind. Although the TAF is saying that the weather is suppose to get bad later today :wacko::blink::P


Good luck in the dataoppbygging og simularing S61 kasse.


Now, as you know my Norwegian is pretty rusty, so,I either just wished you good luck in the 61 sim or said that your sister is sleeping with 61 computer geeks :shock: :up:


Good luck,


BTW, the sick bags are in the technicians office at the end of the hall :huh:

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Hey Winnie, I hate to rain on your parade, but what's up with CHC in the North Sea?

The talk is that they are laying off Two Hundred Crew? (Pprune.org)

Do they separate North Sea sectors.. ie hire in Norway, lay off in Aberdeen?

Or is it a nationality thing?

Or is it a BALPA Union thing?


I thought they were in a re-org to make it all CHC Europe?


Regardless, best of luck to you, and from someone who endured the corporation for 12 years...keep your head down :D:D

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407 Driver:

As far as I know, CHC HS will hire on a few people from the other side of the North Sea, and otherwise it seems like they'll get another LARGE 7 year contract from Bergen soon. And they'll need another few pilots here.


The jobs they are cutting are mostly management and maintenance, as they are restructuring over to what they call 'CHC Europe'.


Did the psychopath tests today, will be in the box around noon local time tomorrow, and that is 4.5 hours ahead of the rock!


Yeah RDM,

Your first alternative was right. And only my copilot will need a barf-bag, as I have too many humiliating rides in the back of the sea king!


Will let all of ya know how it went later, now I have to go to the flight planning office to borrow the approach plates for the area!

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