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Sourcing G355 Grease


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Interturbine Logistik GmbH / Canada

5, rue Gênes, Candiac

QC. J5R 3X2


Supplier Code: L5383


Phone: +1 450 632 0647

Fax: +1 450 632 6749

AOG Phone: +1 817 475 6008


SPEC 2000



I get it from the Arlington Texas shop - $40 and change (USD) for a 1KG can-


Regards, JAFO ;)

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You can find the link between Aeroshell 8 and G355 or NYCO 06 grease... in OPEN 350 DVD

-- Standard Practice Manual

-- Chapter 20 Standard Practices

-- Section 20-01 miscellaneous products used on helicopters

-- Subject/card Greases

-- Scroll down to AIR SPECIFICATION 4206B, which is G355. You will have all the different greases that are compatible with this spec. Same with all the products used on Eurocopter.

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