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Dumb Noob Question About (short!) Pilot Height...


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Hi Darren,


I'm not short, but just completed training on the 47 and there were a few short students who had no problem with the machine. The pedals adjust and you can use an Obus backrest to make yourself closer.


Take an introductory flight with the different machines and decide which you like. I flew the 47, 22, and 300, all will teach you how to fly, but I really enjoyed the 47. The 300 is perhaps the easiest to fly. Your instructor and your own learning attitude is probably more important than the machine.



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Hm, thats the first person Ive heard someone say the 300 was the easiest of the 3.


My buddy offered to let me go up for a flight in a 22 with him so ill let ya know soon.






I haven't flown the 47, but I agree the 300 is easier to fly than the 22. Not surprising, as the 300 is the only helicopter ever designed specifically as a trainer...

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