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Hey Look! A Tumbleweed!


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Man it's quiet in here.


Have you heard?


- 407 Driver has sold his 407 and is taking a new job with Eurocopter as a lobbyist. He says he's looking forward to the move from Golden to the Golden Horseshoe.


- A small company from Québec called 'A-Star A-Stee' is taking over the STARS work in Alberta with AS 350s.


- Ned, AKA Heli-Ops, is getting married. The 'I love ewes' are just rolling off his lips.


- #### has changed his name to MagPie and is fulfilling his long-time dream of getting his pilot licence. His tools are for sale.


- BlackMac has expanded HEPAC to include other downtrodden groups of employees. The new name is the 'Helicopter Engineers, Pilots, Restaurant Workers, Sanitation Professionals Association of Canada, or HEPRESPAC. He has reportedly set up shop in a McDonalds restaurant on the 401, which has been re-named BlackMacDonalds.


- Biggles has given up aviation and has taken up work as a Nanny for Mike Reyno.


There, that should keep you busy for a while.

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Well, can't leave this one alone!


Was in Golden few weeks back, 407 took me for some morning grub and all he could talk about was that "great" B2 Astar that I was flying!


####, well I've seen him "fly" NOT a pretty sight! Maybe Moma #### got him some new blades for the RC Chopper! Hey, I'll give you a new loonie for the first bid on the Mastercraft/Craftsman tool set.




CTD, You stirred something big here.......( I don't know the other blokes ya mentioned)

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News flash. CTD’s spell check died and now he’s looking for work. Is trying to get the government to pay for his sex change operation before he gets the boot. Rational, easier to get a job as a fixed wing SO if you are a woman, that and he thinks that he looks good in skirts.

The BMW is for sale ‘cause the side saddle thing just wasn’t working, too hard to get to the shifter, and the draft was alarming.

Giving up drinking for the pursuit of a cleaner life as a vegan. The Birkenstocks and wool socks matched with the purple corduroy dress is a good start to letting all know where he’s coming from, but who didn’t see it coming?

To get fully caught up tune in to Sally Jessie this Tuesday, look for “Ex gov cross gender vegan homophobe pilot editors gone wild”


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DIRECTIONS: West bound on 401 just outside Kingston Pen. (we have contract with Correctional Services to get any escapie's over the border into the states. That is the purpose of the helicopter in the back.)


For newfies heading home from TO or Fort McMurray,it's usually opposite to the direction you are going in.


Met a certain person the other night in the Byward Market area, looked like CTD but could'nt be certain in that skimpy dress. He/She did'nt look to bad for a vegan.


Do vegans condone oral sex??????


Have a good one.


Cheers, Don

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Geez CTD - I get a new pair of gummys, go and try them out, and next thing I get accused of marrying them ewes :rolleyes:


At least they were all white ones, never shagged a coloured one, but heard that 407Driver got one of the non relective ones just outside of Hasst on the West Coast :wacko: Guess he was always the black sheep of the family and wanted to pass it on.


The day I get married is the day life ends. Marriage is the only thing in life where you give up half of everything you own to get the other half cooked. :shock:


Keep an eye out for your calendar.


Heli Ops

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