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Flying In Australia

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Just wondering if anyone has gone to Oz on a work permit and found a job, or had one lined up before going over. A freind of mine from there, an old FW buddy, is trying to get me to come down as a good friend of his owns a rotary outfit in Tasmania. I'm in the process of contacting several companies now.


The license conversion looks straight forward and the visa shouldn't be an issue either - just wondering how the job hunt is done, good and bad outfits, that sort of thing. Any info would be appreciated. PM if you don't feel like advertising.





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I wouldn't waste your time bush bunny. I have been down here for almost 4 months now as an engineer on a canadian machine. What I have seen here is that there is slim to none as far as work goes. The company I'm working for has 5 214's on contract and some of the co-pilots have a lot of hours as in over a few thousand and would not have any trouble finding work in canada. But there still co-pilots here.

If you want to come down for a holiday, this is a heck of a great place unless your working out of bankstown in sydney.

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Don't you like sunny Bankstown ;)


Count your blessings, you might have been in an hotel near Redfern....... :shock:


Or down in the balmy south with us Mexicans, or sweating it out in Qld with Johnnie Mac over your shoulder. Say hi to him if he's around

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