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I would be interested in knowing more about this, too, if anyone has any details? I have an instrument proficiency check scheduled in Arizona next week — in an R22. I'll ask about it then.


What are the instrument training requirements like in Canada? I know that in Australia, while you can do a certain amount of your IFR training in sims/smaller helos, you have to take your instrument checkride in an IFR-certified aircraft (which means having an endorsement in said aircraft, which puts an instrument rating financially out of reach for most pilots who don't have company sponsorship). While there's certainly a lot of systems knowledge you miss out on training in an R22, it seems like a cost-effective way of practicing the procedural aspects of IFR. Thoughts?

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What are the instrument training requirements like in Canada?


40 hours sim time & 40 hours flight time

-of that flight time only 5 hours need be in a helicopter, the rest can be in a plane to save money, don't need any fixed wing experience or licence either!

-the IFR ride can be in a VFR-only machine that has a full IFR panel, like an R22 or whatever.

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