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Rates In The Sewer

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#1 How reliable is your souce? (I'm assuming you got pretty reliable sources)

#2 How can any customer accept such a ridiculous tarif price (I'm afraid it happens all to often :down: ) and expect that operator to keep high maintenance and safety standars????

#3 How can any operator give his iron away at such a low tarif and keep high maintenance and safety standars??? (and don't give me the old "our machinery is paid for" or "we self insure" bullsh-t cause it still doesn't add up! :down:

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Fuel it with some of that horrible Labatt Blue.


Seriously.. this is the sort of stuff that helps this industry stab itelf in the back. Unless theres more to the story we don't know. (not that your not in the know 407)

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There are I'm sure some fine people on here who are passionate about flying and who also own or operate a helicopter business. These people appreciate and understand that this is a very specialized and expensive service we provide. For nameless others, helicopters are nothing more than a tool that gets rented out by the hour. These same people have business/accounting backgrounds, or rely heavily on specialists with those skills. Yes, it's a business, but for many others this is a way of life!!


This industry it seems to me is very quickly approaching the point where some are prepared to rally behind those who want to keep the passion and dedication about what we do while not turning it into a lesson in creative economics, where the Canadian Income Tax Act replaces our Flight and Ops Manuals as guidelines!


Once we do that, the rewards are sure to follow.


Kirk out. :(

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Heck I paid more money for a 206 per hour for some recurrent training and I used to work for the company!! This is crazy, I still paid more for a 206 at flight school some 4 years ago! No wonder everyones wages are so low! And to think that I am considering getting into the maintenance end of things! Makes me wonder if it is time to check into the nut house in North Bay!! :wacko::blink:



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That's true 407 but for every slimy bast-rd that disapears, 10 more pop up behind him.

And personally, I think there are a lot more than just a couple operators doing it. I could name 2 in our own back yard and we only have 5 players!!!!

I think until the tariffs are forced to be maintained at a certain minimum by some sort of legislation, this problem will never go away. :down:

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