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Rates In The Sewer

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I have to agree with Blacmac on this one, published tarriff means nothing. The average rate, not including fire work, that your company flies for would be a more realistic view of how important "getting top rate" is.


None of us that make salary and flight pay have the intestinal fortitude to take the moral high ground and demand top dollar from our customers when the competition is very willing to cut rates. As a base manager, I have to balance high hourly rates with putting food on the table. I work in an area that boasts seven operators within a one-hundred mile radius, some consisting of only one or two aircraft while others have many. I could bid all jobs at between full tarriff and one-hundred bucks off and not fly at all. It would be very easy to demand top dollar if I were the only service provider around.


The only way that rates will come up is if the industry is regulated somehow, or if there winds up being a huge demand for helicopters.


Here's my reward package: $3,200.00/mo, $50.00/hr, safety bonus, medical, dental, nice hardware, great people.

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