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Source For Blue Primer On Ec120 Astar Etc


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anyone have a source for some touchup blue for a doubler we put in thanks


Just call Eurocopter. They sell it in rattle cans - we have some at the hangar but I'm not there to see the part number. Not too expensive. You can get all the stuff, blades (they call it Grey Bleu Gris.....or Grey Blue Green but it means grey), Yellow for blade stripes, the blue airframe primer etc...


Sorry - if I was at the office I'd get you better info.

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Colour matching is the easiest but as far as quality goes, the EC paint is much better. If I was repainting a tail rotor I'd use the EC stuff but for just matching some non structural panel I wouldn't worry about where the paint was coming from just the colour match. And the paint codes that Eurocopter and Bell use are "proprietary" and not easy to find or match.

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We have them all the time and go through them constantly. I'll dig up the other part numbers.


Thanks to our stores dude. :punk:


4933954485 Jaune Tat (Yellow)

4933953180 Blanc Air France (White)

4933953914 Gris Bleu Vert Moyen 2624 (Grey)

4933953338 Bleu De Saxe (Blue)

34-41980 Paint, Spray (Blue Primer)

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