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Canadian Helo License

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with canadian companies downsizing or going out of business. Nothing against hiring out of country. but lets get our own guys back to work.

i know way too many that are out of work.


I do not see the point of a comment like this, on a very basic question of a conversion. :huh:

I guess with a comment like this....... you would not be to interested in working for a company, that is working a bit more global, eh "displayname" ????? :rolleyes:

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sorry for sounding harsh. but i do believe first out the door, should be first back in. fill that need first then hire in.

I have done both working for a foriegn company with non canadian registered a/c. did all the licence changes. But since we were foriegn. there was a real negative attitude towards us.


Working with a Canadian company doing international is better as the bids are world wide for the work.

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I'm doing my conversion from JAA/CAA to TC this may with Chinook in BC.

Cost of the conversion is between C$4-8,000 depending on flying time using B206.


(there are other schools out there. But we went and visited and they were very friendly/helpful/professional.)


Good Luck



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With regards to Phil Croucher's reply,


It all depends on where you get your license signed off.


Some TC Regions only allow 1+1 ratings, so whatever you just did the flight test on +1 rating (being night or type), for IFR you need to do another written test and ride.


AS for the conversion, go to www.tc.gc.ca and search for the study and reference guide for ppl and cpl helicopter, (TP 2476E) and you will find all you need to know for your exam. There is also a practice exam there, so that you can test your knowledge level. Most of what you need is available online, but if you are going "further" as in IFR/ATPL line, a look at Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies by Phil Croucher, you can find almost all you need!




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well here is my 2 cents ,

I lost my job to a kiwi after I trained him and he learned winter driving , what to buy for winter clothing , how to drive in the winter , winter vehicle operations , ect , ect , 1000 hour and never filled out of a drum before , or landed in a swamp , ect ,, winter flying , fall flying , low vis under 3 miles , after he came back ,lol after getting almost to destination 2 h/12 hrs round trip ,hum guess the company just bought an other few hours of non rev training lol,

also calling me after I had been laid off and he was still working to ask about whiteouts and snow landings ,ect cuz he was not comfortable and was out at a camp job , says he almost killed himself and pax a couple times , what should he be doing , well let me tell you , what I said , was GO HOME , ! call your boss and tell him and tell your customer so that you dont kill them and the company loose that contract . I guess you get what you pay for in the end. cheap unskilled labour , hope it all works out in the end . I really dont want to see anyone hurt , just ,go home and let the people that were born here , lived here and have families to support , get the work first , , we dont get to go there as easy , and all this knowing they are just here to get experience to go home to get a better job ,

I know I am not the only one out there , I have spoke to many other pliots and operators about this , anyone else get screwed ...???????????????????????/

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