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E&b Helicopters


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"The same thing goes with 412 saying his students are getting hired but won't talk numbers, why? because it's deception. Who? when? how many?"


i did mention 3 in the last week so that's a number AND i did say come down to the hangar and i'll tell you about the rest :up:


there's no deception. prosepective students come in, ask and we show them the photo board and tell them who's working and who isn't.


not everyone in this industry is a backstabbin' sob. :down:


as far as guarantees? so every university student in canada is guarateed a job when they graduate?


oh, ok, i'm curious, airport based towers with obstacle avoidance lights??????


twinstar_ca, thanks, if we ever get to banff, first rounds on me :up: hey, that reminds me..........

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