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I would think twice about it spending the money on a career. Go buy a nice house in Mexico or invest the money properly in something with a good return.


Depending on your age you may or may not have a chance at a career. If you have anykind of imagination and or desire to voice your opinion i would also discourage the move. By your posts I can see you are outspoken,intelligent and will probably be branded as a overtalker and sianara dinaro.


Work on being mundane and boring with a short attention span and limited vision and you may do well.


Just an opinion.

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Misleadingedge,I am going to take a wild guess and say that you are not a guidance councellor, you sound terribly bitter and distraught..regarding the Helicopter Industry why? is this due to the deteriorating industry standards?



Duf years ago when I started in this Biz many people told me the same line of crap,as Seinfeld would say Yada Yada Yada. If you want it bad enough you will get a job don't let the naysayers rain on your parade. 45K is not allot of money to spend for a great job, even a BA in History at any Canadian University will run you about the same money and take 4 years to complete.


As much as well all like to *****, for many of us there is nothing we would rather do!

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By your posts I can see you are outspoken,intelligent and will probably be branded as a overtalker and sianara dinaro.


Work on being mundane and boring with a short attention span and limited vision and you may do well.

from leadingedge


If anything the people I have met in this industry are anything but that, who are you hangin' out with that you get this impression Mr Edge?, If it's Flamboyant and eccentric personalities you crave, I have 2 words for you VEGAS SHOWGIRLS.

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Mr. Thoat II


To begin with I am not a pilot, have no desire to be a pilot ,i do however believe that you may want to be honest and upfront with the Dufster. Tell him what his actual chances are given his outspoken capacity as he has demonstrated here. Expalin to him the "no guarentees" philosophy that can sum up the totality of the matter.




Lead him on to believe that he will get a job after he finshes his licence so he can pay back the debt he incurred that will prevent his family from having to move into low income housing. With what ,100 hours on a robby! Mr. Throat get your head out of your *** and simply tell the truth.


Pilots are expected to keep thier mouths "shut" , offer no opinions and especially don't piss off the guy with the bigger ego. Tell Dufster the truth Mr. Throat instead of some convoluted "I have a good attitude" industry hoo haa.


Are you sure you are not running a flight school Throat II?


Duf, although you deams to fly may be genuine and the yerning to go airborn is strong, don't throw your money down the drain. If you don't believe me call any flight school you want and even ask them if they could give you a PPC after the training and a few hours here and there to build time, get it in writting and come back here and tell me I am full of it!

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Mr. Throat 2


No my wife didn't run off with a pilot, and if your objective is to piss me off well then you have just precisely defined what I was trying to explain to the Dufster. Don't piss off the guy with the bigger ego!


Duff this industry is full of people like Mr. Throat who are incapable of defending thier argument and make statements that provide no clear answer to a question. If you disagree you are accused of having a bad attitude. As much sense a this makes well.....


Perhaps the dufster ought to do a survey and ask the flight school he plans on attending for a statement in writting allowing him to build some hours and get a PPC. The letter must not have the phrase "no guarentees" included. Let's let this survey be the judge, anyone want to place a bet? any takers?


Spend your money wisely Mr. Duff. The engineering side has been good to me for the last 8 years but I have seen many up and commers get very disappointed after spending all that dough and have nothing to show afterwords other than a useless R22 rating.( and it had nothing to do with cutting it!) You should consider engineering, the money is better and you are alot more valued and indisposable. In addition the engineers, and we have some characters are a much easier group of individuals to get on with. BCIT has a good Program.


Whatever you decide, good luck!

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Au contraire mon frere I know a heck of allot of pilots who are Valued and Indisposable, good pilots and Engineers are extremely hard to come by, Oh and which question did you ask the only thing I saw in you post was bitterness, Unfortunately I have met a few Leadingedge's in my day as you will too Duf, you'll learn to except them for what they are..............

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I just want to repeat what I said back in the Flight Instruction and Training forum. A guy who finished getting his CPL last year is now flying 206s 10 hours a week. This was just another 100 hour pilot with 10 hours in a 206. He went looking for a possible ramp rat position at the most, and was in the right place at the right time. Bada-Bing. I know this is extemely rare, but shows getting a CPL isn't always a futile undertaking.

On the engineer side of things I've heard it can tough to crack into as well. A friend of mine is dying to become an AME but has had a **** of a time. Besides not having the cash for the schooling, he said it's hard to even get into a school unless you are already an apprentice. But then many work places won't take you on as an apprentice unless you have prior experience. I could be, and probably am totally wrong so my apologies if I am.

I'll agree with you a certain point about how valued a good AME is. But it's all relative. An AME probably is more valued than a low time pilot doing repo runs a few days a week. But pit an engineer against a 15,000 hour pilot and I think things even out. Just my opinion. ;)

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#### I apologize for the spelling oversight you are correct the spelling "heterogenous"


When the spell check is added we may want to suggest to the admin that he finds a good one.


The answer to the question remains the same.



The guy that got the 206 job was exteremely lucky, this is by no means the average case.

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Hey don't put me in the center of this...


I am not concerned with the employability of myself... I have enough drive/ambition etc. to find a job... I have never understood whiners who ***** and moan they can't find a job... You've been given the training... the rest is up to you!

So 1500+ pilots must be grown or cloned... No one who gets their CPL gets a job. (?!)

Oh by the way. I am 24 years old, a cable guy and a former IT student.

I don't intend to married. I want to be nomadic. I want to see the world. Money isn't too important to me. I want adventure. I love being in the air

Why wouldn't I want this job?

Try working three years as a cable guy.

I **** near got fondled by an underwear wearing, hairy handicapped man today. I am knee deep in cat piss and dirty laundry daily.


Ramp rat for a couple years sounds pretty f'ing good. If I end up flying sooner; that's icing on the cake!


Naysayers never seem objective enough.. just bitter!


I've looked into BCIT and it seems like a great program...

Let's say in the years to come I am contract flying.. Wouldn't be hard to knock a 2-4 year program off.

Thats my two cents

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