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What Happened

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Anybody know why the most popular thread to hit this place in a long time was first closed and has now been removed, thus leaving us with fascinating discussions on TIRE PRESSURE.... I think they have succeeded the masses are now asleep..... Maybe I should start a topic along these lines.




White bread or Brown.....is there really a difference?

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Mr. Throat


It is as though the administrator may have concluded that the issue and the person(s) and company getting trashed had enough air time.What I can say about the "tread" to borrow words from a previous poster, is that the title of the topic and substance of the text, fit together well.


So, to answer your question Mr.Throat, yes there is a big difference between white and brown bread.


Unless of course you where buddies with the now deceased Dr. Atkins in which case all bread is evil carbs and niether has any benefit or value.

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I got some legally threatening e-mails from a character who claimed to be some sort of CEO. Now I am bothered by it.. because I didn't really say much and I should have left my posts. The guy wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court if it came to that anyway. :up:

These all came from a Hotmail acct, by the way. How professional MR. CEO!!!

I have a feeling the e-mails I got were all from the same 'fictional' individual that was also the other 'fictional' individual from that thing about bad things in this things industry (Is that vague enough for you?) :hide:

Anyways I suspect and Admin at this one site where the thing were posted probably got a threatening e-mail from this ENTITY and shut it down to err caution...

Anyways, a valuable lesson learned. I'm not even IN things industry yet, and I already have an idea of someone to RUN AWAY from!!!! :down: :down: :down:


White bread is a guilty pleasure. Toasted / cheez whiz- It's deadly

If I must eat brown bread, I prefer the expensive flax seed kind... I haven't been to university and therefore lack the logic to shop for a bargain

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Man, this old world is becoming sicker than any tonic I've seen can manage. When one raving lunatic can basically shut it down, things have just gone too far. If you think it's bad when you have to put up with the garbage they spew on here, imagine the people that have to deal with them in person. Real life is starting to emulate 'reality television.' :wacko:


This whole forum was beginning to take on the aura of a wake, anyway, so I guess the party's over. Too bad. <_<

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Mr. ####


You are correct on your first answer but wrong on the second. If the toaster where jammed on and the heat form the reaction continued the toast would independently ignite ceasing the need of additional heat and would become a exothermic reaction= result burnt toast. Much like CD's response.


The mixture of the two different objects in this case the toast on a toast rack or in a bowl is a hetrogenious mixture much like a bowl of nuts and bolts with no definate homogenity in the mixture. A homogenious mixture would be a mixture with a equal distribution of molecules per volume. This ain't the case with the toast.


Sorry but no cigaro!

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