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Dangerous To Pilots

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Okay guys and girls.....I've been flying now for a year and since I've began flying, I've heard about the dangers of bird strikes, wires, conflicting air traffic, bad weather, and all sorts of other things. But this one is new to me....I guess the CFI forgot to mention this one to me in ground school.





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I believe that you'll find that it is a new "Ground Support" attack fighter that the Finns are trying to sell to the CAF........sort of a "multi-role" fighter that can be used for many things and very cheap operationally. I understand that the Brits have a version also, but Ottawa doesn't trust them anymore. :D

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Islander -------- you could well be right sir. It could be a project in conjunction with the Finns and be Canada's version of the A-10 "Warthog" close ground support fighter. Could have a "multi-role" of cutting grass at Sussex Drive for example and a weapon in "The War on Terror" to patrol the borders and keep the Americans happy. I suspect "check-outs" on that beast would really be something to behold :D . I wonder if the C & W music comes with?

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