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Motion picture flying!

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Guest graunch1

Another helicopter movie was a chase/bad-guy/good guy movie years ago where they end up in a giant open pit mine -possibly Bute Montana or some where like that. If I recall one was a Hughes 500 the other a 206. I think at one point one of them hides behind a waterfall and then in a cave.

No wonder the public have a misconception of the rotary world - or any facet of aviation for that matter

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Hey G-1, you ever get your MACH 2 pin? Seems you used to work on the widowmaker, and coincidently, that is my favourite single engine aircraft! (After the Schweizer of course!!).

Worked at a museum back home, where we had a good old CF-104D, that we ran in a test house. Coolest thing I''ve ever been in for sure!


Anyhow, those starfighter scenes in the right stuff were cool!

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Guest graunch1

Nope never got the Mach 2 pin, I only got to 1.6 - directly over the USAFE base at Laon France. We were vertical at the time (down ) and pulled up through sub-sonic at about 15,000 ft. I am sure the Yanks got blamed for a bunch of rattled windows- or more

FWIW, a company is making gold M2 pins for former Zipper drivers who want to dish out around $100.


ps the only ones who ever called them Widowmakers were the media.

Great a/c

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Guest graunch1

Back on track.......................Helicopters have made some of the greatest situation shots, particularily with the stabilized camera mount Wescam or whomever''s. Train chases, shoot-em ups and one of the best shots on a single take of a pickup truck driving down a prairie road in Twister that starts about 2 miles away and ends up inside the cab. Also there is a great feature on Wings Discovery showing some guys shooting a destroyer steaming towards them at 30 kts and they do a low oblique pass across the bow then climb over the super structure. Neat work

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"Missile with a man" would be more correct, but must say, we had at least one canadian, one german and one dutch aircraft crash close to my hometown of Bodoe, Norway


Back on track:

Under siege with Steven Seagull again, Where the "CH-46" on deck, got both rotors turning in the same direction!!

And under siege two, where Steven closed the sliding door of the 2X4, using it to chop of buddies fingers! Or jumping of the train onto the ladder, that I have sen used a lot in real life (not).

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