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Motion picture flying!

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Thx for the insight...very enlightening (lmao).

 And all this time I thought I was just dealing with cranky customers. They are...how you say...rather eccentric to say the least.


Hey Phil, thx for the books, the more the merrier! Not quite sure what''s going on with that issue . Where have you been hiding?

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Slave Lake??? ICK! When you say remote...I hope it''s not Wabasca or even worse, Red Earth keep an eye out for the skeeters and horseflies...what a delight! Oh, almost forgot about those lovely No-See-Ums...ya know, the flying teeth! Let me know where your hiding at!

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Back on topic Dan...I guess there are a chosen few in the world who have figured out movie flying and/or have the stomach to take these over Ego''d individuals, but as you can see, the vast majority of us common line pilots don''t have the patience nor the time to deal with it. I''d just as soon hit them on the forehead with a 2x4 as they enter the hangar, vs put up with the BS for a few hours of what normally amounts to bad debits and write-offs.


If you''re in to that kind flying, all I can say is be safe, be very safe. I''ll be calling you if they show up here, that is ...if they survive my "special" greeting at the door

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I'm not in it anymore. But I do believe you have to have patience add alot of guidence and hold your stance on what can be done and what not.


Dave has a preaty good hold on what they want and what can actually be accommplished safely.


One other benefit, you get to meet some very attractive ladies.

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I stopped using that one long ago.  Tired of, "hey that must be a really cool job", just before turning and running away.  Maybe they met some of you guys ??  Instead I tell them I''m a plumber, works much better.  Wife still thinks that I''m one, but kinda wonders why some jobs take 6 weeks.  



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