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Iphone Or Android

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I'm thinking of joining the new millenium ('bout time). Being a cheap barstard I reckon on having not much more than a Wx app and a W&B app. Don't really see the need for much more. Really, I'm just tired of cludging the A-Star W&B on my Garmin. Which gizmo will give me the best value?




Dick M.

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Of the 2 you mention, the iphone is the most convenient for people new to the millenium :), also with the most software. Get one of the juice boxes as well which are a case with a battery inside. The Android phones are fast in general (I tried the HTC desire) but the Android system feels just like that .... an Android. Obviously written by programmers for programmers. Also, the Android phones really do need recharging more. My iphone lasts for days without WiFi and 3G turned on. Don't even think of Windows. The only other real alternative might be the Nokia E90 - it's an oldie but a goodie, and you can fax from that at least!



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I'll be clear up front: I have no experience with the Android. However, my observation is that smart phones fall into three camps - iPhones, things trying to be iPhones, and Blackberries.


Most of my Dingleberry holdout friends (many who SWORE they'd never switch to an iPhone) have all drank the Kool-Aid and now have iPhones. I don't know anyone who has an Android. That surely renders my argument moot, but it also might be saying something about Android...


I was a Mac convert before I got an iPhone, so I didn't need any convincing. However, I'm discovering that I dig my iPhone even more than i expected I would. The user interface is extremely intuitive, they can be very useful tools, and like the ad copy says, they just work.


I'm not a games guy, but I am pretty internet-geeky, so I've found all sorts of useful apps - most for free.


Some examples:



AeroWeather - METARs and TAFs. Free.


Canada Topo maps. Free, and very very cool.


Transport Canada AIM - for when you feel like browsing all the rules and regs. Free.


iE6B - simple flight calculator. Free.


Daylight - sunrise/sunset and civil twilight times for your location and whatever day you choose. Free.


iBal - weight and balance app. I paid $10 for this one, and as an unemployed lowtimer I have yet to use it. Seems pretty functional and simple, though.


GoodReader Lite - lets you store large PDF files - like a Bell 206 flight manual - on your iPhone. A bit clunky to scroll through a PDF file, but it's handy having it in your pocket.


You can also create bookmarks that sit on your "desktop" which take you straight to useful websites. I've dome this with Environment Canada's BC weather radar page, western Canada satellite imagery, the GFA and even a direct link to the Vertical forums.


Avalanche - link to the Canadian Avalanche Association (my other job is as an avalanche tech


Other cool stuff:


Road Trip LE - Gas mileage app. Punch in odometer reading and litres at fillup, and it calculates your mileage and makes a neat little graph so you can track your vehicle's mileage. It tells me how much mine sucks when driving my Cherokee up a twisty snow-covered ski hill access road with it in 4WD. So maybe you don't want that one. But hey, it's free.


Urban Spoon - find a decent place to eat in a new town. Free.


Google Earth - 'cause it's Google Earth and it's free.


Wikipedia - just 'cause. Free.


Decibel - a real simple dB meter. Free.


If you're a musician, Peterson iStrobosoft is an *excellent* tuner, but I think it's ten bucks now. I lucked out and got it free on an intro/promo deal. I use it more than my "real" tuner.


So, an enthusiastic +1 for the iPhone. :up:


- Darren

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Which app has the topo maps?


There's a great one called camscanner which takes a photo of a document and OCRs it if needed. Great for receipts etc in the field.


I wouldn't be without ny HP 15C emulator, and there's a spirit level app as well that's wuite useful.


Air Nav Pro (GPS) works great, and there's a shuttle landing sim that's great fun.



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