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Vih Buys And Ec130b4

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I was deadly serious on that one Mag. Kal Tire is a big rich company, and now runs a Cheyenne or King Air or ? (some plank thing?), why not buy an executive helicopter for CEO Tom Foord?.

Can't think of anyone else in Vernon, ..other than those "night-flying" guys who bought the 47J and 206, maybe they're upgrading...fly more product per trip!. I wonder how much pot/coke will fit in a 130????

Does the new EC130 have all the night instruments installed ?


Can't comment on any Bell mods either, as I have Bell glasses on, and everything they do is great. :blink: :shock:

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could you inform them that I just took a closer look at their "fan in tail" concept (as pictured in the latest edition of Vertical) and I find it hideous and in dire need of further refinement. It looks as good as fender flares on a volkwagon van.


Maggie, I agree wholeheartedly that the tail fan looks horribly out of place on a 407. Looks like something you'd see on a toy helo...


From reading the blurb, it says this tail fan is slated to be installed on the new MAPL helos. Anyone seen what those are going to look like ?

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It overnighted at an acreage on the west facing slope straight out from our front window. The owner of the acreage has previously owned a 44 and now has a fairly modern shop (hangar) with a chainlink / barbed wire fence, security gate, keypad entry, video surveillance and large "H" in the middle of the even larger circle painted on the asphalt next to the shop. I took a picture of the B4 (still tied down) this morning with my new camera phone. I'm just glad they didn't sick the security staff on me or worse yet call the local boys in blue to deal with the guy in the late model sedan snapping photos of the compound.


What's a B4 retail for and what's a henway?



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The 350B4 ( same proven drive syatem) or the 130 B4 with the funny TR arrangement is definitely an interesting hybrid, with power that leaves the 407 with its crappy C20 big brother C47 engine in the dust. Lets face it folks the TM engine is just better built with less BS!


Although it has already been slammed as a bad longline machine I am certain that if it was equipped with the European long line electric mirror system, it would be as easy as a Allouete 3. There seems to be a predominating thing in Canada that every body has to break their neck to fly external load..???


The EC 130 B4 is a great machine!





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Peashooter, Tell us how much experience you have flying that crappy C47 engine? I have 1,500 hrs on it, mostly at altitude, and no issues yet, (can't say that about my 2,500 on Ariels...one came apart big-time!).

A TM is better built???? WHAT? have you ever tried to get parts or pay for an overhaul, or been constantly Ng limited at altitude? Give me a C-series any day over those things. :down:


...and I've never heard of a 350B4? Is that a new model, or are you referring to the 350B3?


HeliDude, fill yer boots with the longline mirror system, it can be done, but I bet it's mostly used 'cause the guys can't do VR

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