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To Seismic Or Not To Seismic?

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I guess the answer depends on the individual.

There are pros and cons to working seismic. Please take my observations with a grain of salt as I've been out of seismic for some time but other than technology I doubt if the "bones" of the operation have changed much.

Seismic is great for providing year round employment as it typically picks up in the winter. Sadly there will be a lot of sitting around in the cold or in a truck.

The camps are typically pretty good but putting on your parka to go pee wears thin after a few weeks. I always used to wake up every 3 hrs. to check on the machine when it got below -30.

Always make sure you know where the breaker panel for camp is. You don't want to be hunting at 3 a.m. when you blow a breaker. Unless you have your own Generator. Day to day winter operations require a higher level of vigilance with regards to aircraft and logistics. (lots of working in the dark)

You could be working in the mountains and have multiple crews scattered afield when the weather turns. Also shorter daylight hours can be an issue.

A pilot can gain invaluable experience in seismic. Honing longline skills and landing in unprepared confines in the winter just to name a couple. Your customer relations skills will be sharpened as well...but I'll let someone else fill in that part!

Seismic outfits are notoriously cheap so be prepared to be in the cross hairs at all times.

I guess in a nut shell, If you don't mind extended winter ops. with all of the hazards and hassles therein and don't mind rubbing shoulders with pot smoking juggies for weeks at a time then you have come to the right place.

If on the other hand, you prefer the slower pace after freeze up to take time off and re-connect with friends and family, seismic may not be for you.

Is it awesome?....no.

Is it good work in the winter?...It can be depending on the outfit and camp.

Would I go back swinging bags in the eastern slopes?...Not a friggen chance.



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Does't much matter what anyone else thinks, it's what you think. some think it's awesome. Some hate it. I say go try it, try all operations you get an opportunity to. Then you will know. Ultimately no one can hold a gun to your head and make you do it. Any job, easy or hard will have some part of it that will improve your skills.

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I love the wake up every three hours to check the machine if colder than minus thirty. Gotta say I was the opposite. At minus thirty there wasn't a hope in **** of me getting out of bed to check the machine. On top of that, I wouldn't put my parka on to go to the pisser either. Id take care of that with a large bottle with a secure lid. ;-)


I agree...go do it. Check it out for yourself. Who knows maybe you'll learn something and make some money in the process.

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Seismic is "awesome". Better than the goon show of fighting fires. Just you and your bags and no passengers usually. Just brief the juggies well if you do front end work. You stay in oil camps or hotels. Not as bad as some would have you believe. Its good practice for drill moves in the summer.

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OK seismic is not "awesome", but I would like to know what job in the industry is. It's just flying , not rocket science. I guess if you are heli-skiing a bunch of super models all day and hangin with them all night that would be considered awesome. Every job is a bit of a #### show. Listen Wildrose, you don't know until you try it I guess. Some people like it and some don't. It's a challenge and I don't see too many guys timing out in January.

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