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Who Made This Swivel?

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I am stuck with this electric swivel with a single broken wire then happened to break internally. I have overhauled several other models that have had the same issue but this one stumped me.


Any ideas who made this swivel? How to take it apart? or Where can I send it for overhaul/repair?


The only markings on the swivel are "Double Dutch Ltd." and "SWL-3T"


Thanks to all those that help.



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There is a small hole on one side you have to put a drill bit into, you will have to turn the swivel a bit to engage it into the hole in the threads.


Thanks for the help guys, I tried a drill bit earlier to no prevail...must have been too large of a diameter. Just used a straight pick instead and now the swivel is in two pieces ready to work on. Much appreciated.

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