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Light Icing


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Good day boyz


I might be off my rocker but i'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this (i think).


Got up this morning in the flatlands to 1/4-1/2 vis in fog with temps of about -1c first thing that comes to mind icing....duhh no brainer right. So settle down for a long day of sitting inside the pickup right. After about four hours of numb *** and numb brain I decided to "give it a try". Unpack my girl got the blades spinnin, pull pitch and went for a burn around the prospect at about 50-60 alg start picking up a little ice but not to bad lower the pull to about 40' agl and things started to shed. Not to shabby. Head back to stagging through on a 25'er and spent 4hrs swingin with light ice build up but went well.


Have any of you done this before? If so please share your stories.

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<_< So.....you intentionally decide to fly your a/c into "KNOWN" icing conditions. And continue to work for an additional 4 hours but it was as you say "not to bad". If i was your employer.....I would consider it "not to bad " to fire your a :shock: :shock:
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I went home before 2 o'clock and so did the seismic crew... I freakin hate scraping ice off my blades and there is no glory in smacking into a power line or a big white farm field when you could be at home drinking beer....


With icing it seems that the temperature, type of precipitation, etc. all seem to factor into whether or not it will stick.


Where I was today the visibility was about 500 feet and my truck was picking up mega ice on the headlights and antenna just from the drive to staging, so I didn't even bother... :shock:


About 8 years ago I used to push it a bit then shut down just to see if it was icing like I guessed it might, I got so sick of de-icing blades that the only ice I want to see now is in my drink... :up:

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We enjoy a job that is inherently dangerous and we're put in a position where we have to take calculated risks every day. We have enough accidents in this industry which aren't due to taking excessive risk, that we don't need more. For the rest of your career, consider this........SELF PRESERVATION!!!


Fly Safe


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Here is a link to an icing article that recently circulated where I work.




I have no intention on second guessing you AOG. One thing for you to consider is at the end of the day can you justify your actions in a court of law? Is the risk worth the reward if *&% does hit the fan? IE: If someone beneath you gets hurt or the donkey stops and you get hurt.


To quote the article, "They say it's dangerous to predict how any court will rule ... it's hard to imagine that the board would not find that flight into known icing conditions in an aircraft with untested, uncertified equipment is at least careless..."


I've flown in forecast and known icing and I'm sure most on this forum have. Will I do it again, probably. Do I get a little more cautious every year, you bet. I'm always asking myself if I can justify my decision to someones family and a judge. Just because the machine will do it doesn't mean it should. It's a limitation same as max take off torque. Would I intentionally over torque, no way!




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Well I figured that i would get some tough crticisum with this one...But I sure that lots of you hear has flown in conditions like this I can't be the only one (get home itus), hence why I am asking to share your story's experience is the best learning tool.


Anyways boys gotta go.

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To answer your question, I am sure we have all flown into icing conditions. It is not fun, actually stressfull! Should of we been there? No! I am sure we all have been on that trip where sooner or later we see some ice(rime/clear/mixed) building on the machine. Well, I only have 7 miles to go, not far this thing should make it? ( I hope) Man its hard to keep the front window clean....better open up the side window, so I can see....Hoping that when you shut down the machine will not rock itself to death! Scary in any aircraft!


I hope you taught yourself a valuable lesson, and learned from your mistake, like the rest of us! As others put it...Imagine yourself in front of twelve of your peers!

Yes the machine can handle some ice! is it legal? No! Was it right or wrong? That is your choice, maybe next time you will remember that PDM course and those boring icing videos!

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