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That's an awfully broad question...broad answer, they're the result of the combination of Gemini and Airborne into one entity (I believe Gemini bought Airborne from Nabors). No idea what the management structure is in comparison to the 2 former companies, sounds like the focus is going to continue to be energy sector (pipeline inspections, powerline patrol etc).

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Ah, Opsmobil.....


What a sad state of affairs this has become. A once vibrant and great place to work "Airborne" is a tragic shell of its former self.


There are derelict helicopters hidden between hangars. Phone calls not answered (just call their main line). Managers who's phones don't work because the phone bill hasn't been paid. Vendors who only allow COD.


It has become embarrassing to approach Executive Flight (at any airport) for fuel as they quizzically ask you if you understand that Ops Mobil's account is no good and do you have a "good" credit card to use.


At one point this year management decided not to pay expenses. Personally I had $8k outstanding alone. No longer do I use my credit card for company fuel/hotels etc. Nor do my compatriots.


All the good people have been driven out by management's arrogant and ignorant ways. The rest of us, like drone bees, hope for a warm fall and wish for days past.


A tragic end to a once great place to work.


All the best to my co workers and remember to do a double DI before lifting off.


To the rest, approach with caution.


Fly Safe.

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